I'd like to thank the Academy...

I am sitting at home watching the Oscars in my husband's long underwear surrounded by pizza and wings and a big fat cat. Glam, I know! Honestly though, I am so happy to be at home relaxing; I haven't had any down time since I got home from San Diego on Wednesday and I really needed a night on the couch...and since it fell on a celeb holiday, it's even better!
San Diego was awesome; it was so wonderful to spend time with such a large percentage of my family and to be warm and outside in the sun. I posted all the pics on my Facebook if you are so compelled to take a peek. I got home Wednesday night and went right back to work on Thursday, which usually is rough but since I have such awesome co-workers it was totally smooth and without any chaos! It was also good to go right back because I would have spent the whole day laying on the couch crying about how much I miss my Mommy and being at work didn't give me that opportunity, though I did spend most of Wednesday night sniffing away about it. *Sniff*
Friday night after work I met my "Little", H and I am totally in love with her. She is a super sweet 10 year old with a huge imagination and lots of energy and she likes pink, Hello Kitty and Justin Bieber; I am pretty sure we are going to be bffs4eva!! I am taking her to the Boston Public Library on Tuesday because she has never been and she loves to read, just like me. I am going to get her signed up for a library card and spend some time looking for books that we can read together. Being a "Big" is going to be a major commitment but I am really looking forward to getting to know her and will hopefully be a good role model for her while learning about her world.
Matty had to work on Saturday so I spent the day doing all sorts of errands, sweating my vacation weight off at the gym and even made a little stop at the nail salon to get pretty for Monday (more on that in a minute). I even prepared a delicious slow cooker recipe for curried chicken, which we ate after Mass. We went to Saturday Mass because Matty ran the Hyannis Half Marathon today and we wanted to see Father Harkins give his last Mass at St. Thomas. I had a picture of Matty, me and Father from our wedding printed up and framed to give to him and I totally almost lost it when I gave it to him. Although he is quite quirky, he has been a huge part of my life for the last few years, was there for so many sacred moments and taught me so much about faith. I am really going to miss him, but I plan on having him over for dinner as soon as we move out of Allston since he will at least be close by in Newton.
We went to bed super early last night because this morning Matty ran the Hyannis Half Marathon. It was snowing and freezing and absolutely disgusting outside but he still ran and finished faster than his two hour goal. I was so proud of him! I did my usual duty of cheering and drinking in the warm hotel and I had our friend Seth to hang out with, which was awesome. His wife was running too and we randomly ran into them before the race and then grabbed lunch with them after Seth and I finished the grueling task of spectating...and our spouses got done with their 13.1 miles and stuff.
And now, I am home sweet home, watching the Oscars, tweeting about it and texting with Ashley and Amy about it all while Matty works on his speech for tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow my husband is speaking in front of everyone at Genzyme for International Rare Disease Day, where the patient that he is running for will also be speaking. My super cool boss is letting me leave work early so I can be there for everything, and afterward we are going to a NORD fundraiser and then out to dinner with the patient, her husband and one of the patient advocates. I am excited to see Matty talk about NORD and the marathon and his work at Genzyme because they are all things that he feels so passionately about and I love hearing him talk about the work that he does. I know that he is nervous but he is going to do awesome and I will be a beaming bride in the audience!! I am also honored to get to meet the patient and to get to hear about her experience living with Gaucher disease.
Whew, well I just wanted to get you all caught up on life post-vacation, which as you can see has been a tad (lot) bit busy!
I need to stretch out and get some ice cream and pay attention to my friends on the Oscars now. Happy Sunday...and almost March, which means Spring is around the corner too!



You inspire me Stef-- You are just amazing. And the combination of you & Matty is just astounding :)

Stefanie said…
Thank you, that means a lot coming from such an awesome and successful lady :)

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