I have the sick in my face! It's in my nose and throat and behind my eyes and I completely dislike it. I felt it coming on just a little bit yesterday morning when I woke up for spin class and it totally trickled along until I got home last night and felt completely demolished. Then I woke up this morning (well, got out of bed after waking up every hour) and it was just a big sick fest. My eyes were crusty and my nose was leaking and I am sure my husband just thought I was the prettiest zombie bride he had ever seen. At least I had this guy to snuggle with (though to his credit, my dear sweet husband was also not feeling aces and was willing to snuggle with my grossness).

Normally I would just call out of work and roll over, but today was the last of three days of training at the Shirley Prison Complex and I did not want to miss it (especially the new frame-ready certificate I received). The training was great; it wasn't necessarily new information, but it was a lot of experience and best practices sharing and I had a chance to network with some smart and forward thinking people. All of this is going to play very well into my new outreach role I have taken on at work, as well as a proposal I plan on bringing to my bosses very soon, once I have it nice and fine tuned. I think I got some great information and made some great connections and am feeling inspired and motivated to help my ex-offenders get jobs and take themselves out of the recidivism cycle. It was also very cool to talk about my organization and be able to brag and beam about how awesome it is and feel 100% behind what we do. Such a new feeling for me, and something that I am feeling very thankful for.

So tomorrow will be my Monday at work (score) and tomorrow night is Matty's last team fundraiser. He has already reached his goal to raise $2500, which is so, so awesome and his team as a whole have also done really well, meaning more money for NORD and more support for those living with rare genetic diseases. My husband is so awesome! I still can't get over the fact that he ran 20 T-W-E-N-T-Y miles on Saturday! Twenty (well. 20.86, actually) and he is just a few weeks from the marathon. I can't wait to see him cross that finish line and cross that great achievement off of his to-do list.

We don't have plans this weekend for the first time in...months....since the Fall....yeah it's been awhile, which means that we now have a bunch of tentative plans because we were so excited to have some free time to throw around. I think we are going to eat at Sportello, which is on our to-dine list, with our lovely friend Seth and then visit Drink with Seth and Kendra and whoever else feels up to some yummy libations. There is also talk of visiting the MFA and checking out the new wing with our Bank of America free museum passes that we have yet to use. I wish I could talk about going for a bike ride or a stroll through the Arboretum, but I sadly do not think that will be on the agenda thanks to the storm systems that will not end and the temperature that will not rise. Have I mentioned how excited I am to leave for Florida exactly one month from today. It is 90 there! drool

I am going to lay down and hope for this to pass now. Send happy thoughts and chicken soup my way!


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