Spring!? Is that you?!

It is sooo nice outside right now! Even though I still need a fleece and have a scarf on, I can actually walk down the street with out my eyes tearing up from the cold and I even saw the sun! The SUN!
I cannot wait for the cold weather to be a thing of the past and for more outdoor activities, such as bike rides and hikes in the Blue Hills and more time on the Cape and all of those awesome things that don't involve being frozen or cooped up inside!!
I ran outside this morning, on my own, for pretty much the first time and it was perfect weather. My running was not perfect, far from it really, but I am starting to hate it less and have a goal that I am working for in the BAA 5k that happens the morning before the Marathon. Part of me feels silly "training" for running something that I could very well run without training, not to mention the fact that my first 5k is one day before my husband runs 9 times that distance, but part of me is happy that I am actually sticking with this whole running thing and challenging my body to try something new. I don't see myself ever, ever running a full marathon, but I do love free t-shirts and charitable acts, so I am sure I could be a chronic 5 and 10k'er, and I am definitely going to do at least one Disney Princess Half Marathon in my lifetime. The best thing is that I am actually starting to enjoy it...just don't tell Matty.
Aside from my little jaunts and Matty's 19 miles (!!), this week has also been full of St. Patty's fun times - Dropkick Murphy's with Kendra and her brother, corned beef for dinner last night - and we are gearing up for even more celebrations over the weekend - Matty's fundraiser tonight at King's, Aunt Jane's annual corned beef dinner Saturday and then the first O'Shea pre-parade corned beef hash brunch and of course, the parade. This is also my first St. Patty's as an O'Shea, which there is a really funny story I have to tell about that...later.
On top of all this goodness, it is also Friday! It has been a good week at work, okay a short week since I took Monday off to sleep in and run errands and get my nails painted green. but it has been productive here at the office as well. I have started doing outreach at the local shelters, sober houses and other agencies that service our client-types, and I am super loving it, as is my boss that I am doing it - win! I am really excited for a collaboration that I am working on with my old buddies at the Probation Office, and excited to have more criminal justice time back in my life (I just can't get enough, haha).
Oh, and I am going to see my Little this weekend! I am going to pick her up tomorrow morning to go drop off and get some new library books and then take her out for breakfast. I am going to try and find somewhere that looks fun and kid friendly in the Back Bay/Newbury Street area, but I think that anywhere in those neighborhoods will be fun for a little lady time. My relationship with H continues to grow, as does our trust and comfort level with one another. Last Sunday I took her ice skating at a Big Sister sponsored event and despite telling me she had been before, H had actually never ice skated (to my one time) so we got to try something out that neither of us are good at and laugh at ourselves a little. H got upset when we didn't win the raffle, but it was a good learning opportunity for me to talk to her about "fairness" and that we are winners all the time because we have each other. I think it worked and she seemed to cheer up after our conversation, and I got to pat myself on the back for exercising calmness. It probably helped that I learned to pray the rosary with the YAC's that afternoon and was feeling especially at peace that evening.
And finally, we are amidst my favorite religious time of the year - Lent; this is a time where I feel very close to Christ and his apostles, as well as the kajillions of Catholics all over the world as we pray and fast and give up or pick up something for the 40 days. This year I have given up lying to people, especially about stupid things or things that may make them feel better in the moment but are toxic for them in the long run. It has actually been more difficult that simply not reading celebrity gossip like last year because instead of just not clicking on PerezHilton.com, I have to think about what I am going to say and slow myself down, and sometimes that is just plain hard. It is helping me to think before I speak, and to be a better listener, which I think will make me a better friend and a better case manager. As a part of Lent the YAC's are all taking part in a program called Lenten Longings, which is a lot like the Arise programs that we have done in the past, and so far it has been awesome. The readings are good and it follows the Gospel as we read them at Mass, so we get to delve more into things and philosophize and discuss ideas together, which is always awesome with all those smart and thoughtful people, and it gives us a chance to spend a couple of extra hours together every week!
Time for me to dive into work and get this Friday on the road - happy and electrolyte filled day after St. Patty's (St. Cyril of Jerusalem, if you were wondering).
Aaaaand the boss just announced an early release today. Yes!!!



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