Catching Up

I think it's despicable that I only post once a month, I promise (myself) that will change, even if it's just a few words on life, some pictures or a random thought, I will post more. I follow a lot of bloggers and I look forward to their (more frequent) posts, so I need to embody their consistency and get to it! Oh, and I heart blogging and the great feedback I get from my friends, which are the best reasons of all to post more!

Since we last spoke....

Fall kind of turned into Summer but is turning back to Fall, I hope. It's October, which meant an intense need to go apple picking and find the perfect pumpkin, so Matty, Kate and I set out for Tougas Family Farm to get our fill yesterday. It was a pretty farm with a great selection of apples (which is important for our varied needs to bake, puree, eat and cook) and they had pygmy goats (!!) the only issue was, that even in a tank top and flip flops, it was just too damn hot. At eight months prego I could be biased, but skinny and non-prego Kate said it was too, so instead of frolicking up and down the rows of trees and soaking in the sun we picked, we pumpkined, we apple cider doughnuted and we left. I love apple picking and Fall and pumpkins oh so much, but the weather was not cooperating with my need to wear a scarf so that was that. At least we got some awesome goods (of which some are turning into a pie in the oven at this very moment) and we thoroughly enjoyed our road trip in our new car.

Oh, yes, we got a car! It has a spot for that baby I've been growing and her car seat that is waiting for her in our guest room. We went with the Mazda 6 after spending two weeks with one back in the Summer and really loving the room/ride/safety/looks so we went for it last week and came home with a new car! The first new car I have ever bought from a dealer with my name on it; such adults we are over here at the O'Shea house!

Matty and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary on September 12th with a wonderful quiet dinner at Aquitane in the South End. The food and service were wonderful and it was a nice quiet atmosphere to sit and enjoy each other and reflect on the amazing year that we have had together. In one year we have moved into a new home in a new neighborhood, traveled and visited with family and friends, enjoyed the beautiful sacrament of our marriage and gotten me nice and knocked up! It's been a productive and wonderful year and here I am even more in love with him than I could have ever imagined awaiting the birth of our first baby; I am a blessed woman indeed!

With the baby on her way (6 more weeks!) we took advantage of our anniversary to spend a week babymooning down in Captiva, an island off of the Southwest of Florida and a frequent destination of other O'Sheas of equal great taste. It could not have been more perfect for what wanted to do, which was nothing but relaxing for an entire week. We had a lovely condo right on the ocean and beaches, pools and beautiful nature everywhere to help us chill out, enjoy each other and get ready for our next project. I was pretty sure I was not going to be able to spend all that time doing nothing since I am usually an itinerary and check list sort of traveler, but we decided to do it Matty's way and just relax and go with the flow, and would you believe I actually did it! I went to bed early, caught up on months of magazines, floated around in the ocean (sweet weightlessness!) and enjoyed that lovely man I married a year ago. It was heaven with seashells and we can't wait to go back again.

Now we are prepping and counting down the arrival of our little girl, who today is the size of a pineapple and happily squirming around in my belly at this very moment. Matty is putting the last coat on her bookcase this morning, her crib is built and there is a car seat base in our new car. She has some awesome outfits, a lovely home and a whole lot of people who cannot wait to met her. My shower is two weeks away and I cannot wait to see all the ladies that I love and get some belly rubs in! I am so excited to welcome this person into our family and our world and to teach her all about this awesome world and all these people and foods and things to look at!

So, I promise to work harder on posting more so I can spend more time rambling about one thing instead of cramming a month worth of fabulousness into one posting. Deal? I guess I need to get out of my pjs and get ready for a drive down the Cape to see the family, I hope you are enjoying your three day weekend, and if you are at work, you are doing as little as possible.

The picture at the top is at sunset in Captiva; honestly some of the most beautiful sunsetting I have ever seen! And look at that handsome guy! Makes it even better.

33 1/2 weeks prego and counting!


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