Check out that bump! I would be ashamed to put a picture of myself in my underwear on the internet, except that those are Minnie Mouse underwear, so there is obviously no sex oozing from this photo...I hope...for you.

Yay! More ways to waste time, I mean, create things and organize ideas!
I made a Pinterest account and am loving it. You should check it out; my boards are kind of bare, but there are some great ideas and pictures on here. It makes me happy to look at.

Matty and I are working on a theme for our upcoming maternity shoot and I think we have an amazing idea. I am going to keep it under wraps for a bit and wait to hear back from our photographer to see if we are totally weird or just extremely clever, then I will share, I promise. Let's just say that googling the theme with "maternity shoot" will not bring up anything, and may even worry your boss if you do it from work.

I was going to work late today to make up for not being around much this week with doctors appointments and such, but I actually have very little work to do, so I am going to bounce up out of here at 4:30 to go meet my handsome husband in Coolidge Corner. He has to get his hair did, so I am going to peruse Gap, Paper Source and the Booksmith. Now that I think about it, I totally miss that area, even more than the vomit filled streets of Allston! I also feel bad that Gap has to close a bunch of their US stores, and I feel like I can help them out a bit, especially with their baby clothes. Oh Baby Gap, how I love you! And I'm totally craving Indian food and would like to try and talk the husband into getting some to take home and eat while we do our laundry, from home, since we have washer and dryer that are all set up and stuff. Score! My husband is a handy genius of a man and rewired, connected and moved things around last night to make sure everything was good to go before he leaves for his camping trip. What a dude, that dude of mine.

Two things before I go. First, my wonderful friend Robyn got engaged last weekend and I want to publicly acknowledge how frigging excited I am for her and her fiance Dave. Robyn is my cellie for life that has been next to me in our last two (totally polar opposite) jobs and has now seen me get married, get prego and go through everything in between. I have had the great pleasure of watching their love story unfold and I am just so, so happy and confident in how wonderful and love filled their marriage is going to be. Yay Robyn - congratulations!

Also, can you do me a favor and feed my ego and follow me on Blogger and maybe tell your friends and spread the word? I follow so many blogs and I would love to show up in your reading list too. Pay attention to meeeeeee (such an only child).

Have a lovely Friday!!



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