Home Depot

I used to loooooathe going to Home Depot, mostly because it meant that my parents were dragging me there before asking me to slave, er work with them all day doing some ridiculous project like staining the flipping porch, including the underneath where all the spiders lived, on a beautiful summer day when I would rather have been doing anything else at all. Anything. Home Depot mostly made me feel dread, all hardware stores did really, even if they happened to have the added perk of free popcorn or a hot dog cart because, let's face it, one hot dog ain't gonna erase an afternoon of being under the porch with a paintbrush and a black widow in your hair.
But now....sorry if you think I am going to say how much I love Home Depot and that I decided to do the baby's room in a lovely bright orange and don't even mind that the Watertown store doesn't have a snack bar (because I do) but...I don't hate it! Last night I was even glad to be there, which was probably due to the Martha Stewart Christmas decorations they had out as well as the lack of other customers to make it take longer than the 10-15 minutes I can usually stand being in there. Also, we (read: Matty) were getting stuff for our washer and dryer that we finally procured off of Craigslist, getting us one step closer to being able to do laundry at home, for free. I am more excited than one should be about having a washer and dryer, but with the baby (read: poop machine) on her way, being able to do laundry in the basement while the rest of my world continues upstairs is going to be awesome, and not having to put quarters in it or wait for someone's underwear who aren't mine or my husband's to be taken out so I can put my stuff in...priceless (or $275 plus parts). Clean clothes and towels and rugs and things - here we come! Yeehaw!

Matty is going to tackle that whole- machine/cords/things I can't listen to without having my eyes glaze over- project tonight, while I am going to make cous cous stuffed bell peppers and fill out paperwork to have my student loans deferred while I am out on maternity leave, since that is right around the corner now. Technically Butterball could be here in as soon as 4 weeks and as far away as 8 weeks, but either way, that's a lot sooner than the thirty some odd weeks ago that we found out she was coming to join the family! I am feeling juuuuust about as prepared as I can be for something that is well, not very predictable in the least bit, at all. But, I feel good and calm and nothing but a lot of happy anticipation (and a little curious about how much of a trooper I am going to be during labor). We have a car, we have a washer and dryer, we got ourselves a very nice and very accessible pediatrician today; the last thing I have to do is have the conversation with my boss about my leave and my post-leave plans. Of course, I am saving one of the biggest things for last, but hey, it is what it is. I am lucky to have a wonderful and supportive organization that I work for and they have been nothing but completely flexible and awesome my entire pregnancy, so I have a hunch things will go well.

Matty is going on a camping trip this weekend, so I am going to host the ladies for a pajama party sleep over - pizza, bad movies, gossip and my favorite ladies - so excited! On top of that loveliness, I am also getting a facial and a prenatal massage at Elizabeth Grady on Sunday - pretty much an amazing pre-baby weekend is about to be had!

I hope you too have an amazing weekend too, and I hope that my husband does not get frostbite, eaten by an animal, or lost and have to cut off his arm and eat the other pioneers in his wagon circle.



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