Happy Half Birthday, Maddie Jane!

Watching the cars get serviced.
Today you are 18 months old; a year ago we were just introducing food to you and this morning you wolfed down a bowl of blueberries and then brought me the empty bowl and pointed to the kitchen, informing me that you were ready for more as we had our morning ritual of milk and Sesame Street on the couch together.

Today I put your hair in a pony tail for the first time and you looked adorable and seemed to appreciate the freedom it afforded you to take all the blocks out of their container and put them back in without getting your hair in your face.We went to get the oil changed in the car and after you had gone  up to each staff person and said hello you walked around to all the cars in the showroom and told me what color they were, showed me where their lights were and tried to open the door of your favorite shiny, red convertible. Then you watched the cars getting fixed through the glass, munching on Goldfish and waving at anyone new that came in.

You love to observe and are happiest surrounded by people to talk to and watch as they go about their days; you try to hug strangers and sit in the other parent's laps in music class. You are truly a people-person, just like your Mama. You get sad when other people get sad and make sure to give hugs to any little person that cries or whines in your presence; I love your empathy and your awareness of others and I hope it sticks with you always.

Your love isn't just for strangers though; Dada, Mama, Jane, Grandma your Godmama's, and Auntie Kate all get you clapping and smiling and every morning when Hannah gets to work you run for the door, just as excited to see her everyday as if you hadn't for a week. You two truly have something special and your love for her makes Mama so happy as I leave for work each morning, knowing that you are in hands that love you just as much.

You absolutely love trains and always have your wooden Thomas or Percy in your little hand since we got you your own Thomas train set last weekend. We have to remind you not to bring them to the dinner table, into the tubbie or to bed and sometimes I find one in my shoe or the silverware drawer, tucked away for safekeeping. You love your dolls, especially pushing them around in your mini baby carriage or giving them a ride with you on your motorcycle. You've also become quite the coloring artist, music maker and reader, and have been helping Dada and I read your night night books, even if you do fall asleep before we can finish some nights.

Jane's pasta is an all the time favorite food.
You aren't the picky eater that everyone warned us about, even if your preferences do change without warning; one day you want to eat a whole avocado and the next you would rather throw it on the floor, but you always love pasta, quinoa, beans, cheese, yogurt and just about every single fruit under the sun. You are getting quite good using your spoon and fork, and some days I think you might be over your throwing food on the floor phase, at least the good stuff.

Maddie Jane, you are the most wonderful little person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and each month brings so many new and exciting pieces of your personality that I feel so blessed to get to learn about. You are the best little traveling companion to me and your Dad and we hope to show you the world, or at least give you a good head start on it.

Happy half birthday, my sweet girl! Mama loves you oh so much!


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