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I haven't written one of these posts since I was stuck at work on Marathon Monday, lamenting not getting to be out there with everyone cheering on the runners. Today I am so thankful for being at work because it kept me and my family from being in the bleachers at the finish line when the bombs went off and my city was forced to show the world just how strong and resilient we are. That day will always be heavy in my heart.
Oh these sweet little ponytails; they slay me!
Hockey! Like every Bostonian I cannot help but be glued to the playoffs each night they are on, or at least reading my book in the living room while watching the game/my husband's crazy silent cheer or fit depending on how the game is going. Having a sleeping toddler in the house really changes how you get to react to the tv and Matty has seemed to perfect the silent freak out for whatever way a game is going. It's really quite impressive. Go Bruins!

Listening To
Maddie is in this awesome music class called Music Together by Groovy Baby (I talked about it in my last Currently post) and it comes with a cd of all the music they do, which we play in the car all the time when she is with us. It is a really great class and covers a wide range of music, and best of all, the music is totally not annoying! Matty and I actually enjoy it and have fun singing with her and learning the movements that go along with the different songs.
When the wee one isn't in the car I have been listening to comedy on Pandora while I drive and it has made my commute so much better! I get bored with the same loop of news stories on NPR and I feel like it gives me a little bit of that post-laugh boost before I get to my destination. Though sometimes shit gets too funny and I have to keep myself from laughing myself into the other lane of traffic...probably best I only listen when it is just me in the car.

Summer vacations! We are Brooklyn bound this weekend to visit my sweet niece and her parents as well as some Manhattan dwelling friends that we haven't seen in a while. We are using AirBnB to rent an apartment right by Prospect Park and the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and I am super excited to utilize my new favorite travel tool in a city that I love to visit on the regular.
We will be heading to Rochester, NY next month to see two of Matty's cousins graduate and get to visit with his Aunts up there and then in July we are spending our usual week on the Vineyard. I am thinking that we need to do something somewhat epic in August before Matty starts school, but we are planning to attend Riot Fest in Chicago in September, so maybe we can hold the epic for a few weeks.
I would love to fit in a bit of the Newport Jazz Fest in August and definitely plan on getting as much beach time in as possible for the entire summer. So glad we have a kiddo who adores being outside and playing in water because that is pretty much all I want to do once the temps start getting past 80 round these parts.

Thinking About
Something awesome Kate said the other day when we were both lamenting about how we are so freaking busy and tired and want more time to do more things: "At least we never have to be bored". Damn, f'ing straight. I am never bored and if a plan falls through, BOOM, I got a back up and probably a back up to that and I could always be going to a yoga class, running, making something delicious to eat or hanging out with my super cute family. I wish I had more time for all of those things, and lots more things, but I am also super glad that I DO get to do all those things, have a full time job that I love and I get to spend significant time with the really amazing people who are my friends. Sometimes I overdo it, and I am sure that my poor husband can attest to that more than anyone, but I am never going to have to look back and be bummed out that I didn't live life to the fullest and enjoy the shit out of it, always.

Endangered by Eliot Schrefer; it's a YA book about bonobos and the Congo and the interesting dynamics of mothers and children. It is really good and prompted me to look more into the Congo and all of the terrible things that have happened there, which I knew but never really knew and certainly cannot even fathom being so many people's reality.
I have come to the realization that I am a total YA nerd and I blame the hell out of Kate for this. Yeah, you're getting double cameos here, bffl.

Making Me Happy
I think I am finally getting settled into my new position. For a while I felt like I was on very loose gravel trying to navigate around and I certainly felt like all of the clients hated me, which was half right since I came in and laid the hammer down about rules and regulations and started threatening consequences to those not doing what they needed to do, and then I started acting on those threats. I just got done doing rounds though, and I noticed that more and more of the clients say hi to me, use my name, ask me how I am and tell me something fun about their children or their day. It feels good to know that my tough love approach actually worked and they are realizing that I want what is best for them and their children, just like they do.

I get to see my old work crew tonight and I just couldn't be happier!! Have a great week!

Maddie Jane, ice cream thief extraordinaire!


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