Happy 5th!

Celebrating Independence Day in Style!
Oh, sneaky day between the 4th of July and going on vacation, you are really messing with me! Here I am at work (well, physically anyway) getting ready for our annual week on the Vineyard with my SIL, BIL and my sweet niece. I am beyond excited to have a week to rest, be on the beach, take naps, read books and spend as much time as possible with my lovely little family.

Maddie has turned into such a water baby - she is so happy just playing at the sink, splashing water and making a big, ol' wet mess. I cannot wait to hang out on the beach with her and watch her run around in the sand on those adorable little toddler legs.

The past few weeks have been rough at work, produced one heck of a mean summer cold, and left me feeling as ready as can be to get out of the city and onto a beach chair. It has been hot as can be in Boston these past few days, and while I do love that it is no longer raining, a more gradual switch than a heat wave would have been appreciated. We did get to make it out to a Sox game for date night on Tuesday (thanks, Jane!) and thanks to our friend Dave, we got to dine all fancy-like in the Pavillion Club at their buffet. The food, view and service were all awesome and it totally made our night even more awesome. We even stayed for the whole game (no wonder I can barely keep my eyes open right now!).

Our seats at the game we went to Tuesday!
Can you believe that it is already halfway through the year?! I am always secretly planning parties in my head, but now it isn't even that crazy to start looking at things for Maddie's 2nd birthday (WHAT!?) and to start preparing for my smarty-pants husband to return to school in the fall. Craziness.

But, I am getting ahead of myself and really need to enjoy some more summer before any of that comes barreling at me. As soon as we get back from vacation we are going to get Maddie's bike seat and helmet situation all set so we can go on some fun family bike rides. Matty and I used to ride our bikes together everywhere, all the time when it was just the two of us and I have not even been on either of my beloved bikes since having the baby. I really want to make it a part of life again, and am hopeful that Maddie enjoys riding around with us, taking in the sights.

We have made some fun upgrades to our backyard; we now have two little cars and a slide as well as a good eating and lounging area, but I gotta tell you, I cannot wait to own our very own house someday and make an awesome backyard with lush grass, a garden and dreamy lights and lounging areas. I hesitate to do too much to where we are now since it is not really ours and the grass is just such a mess. But, since we are attending the first step in a home buyer's program at the end of the month, perhaps that dream will come true sooner rather than later!
Our current backyard situation; pounding milk at dinner.

My Mom will be here at the end of August to play substitute nanny while ours is off; she did this for us last year and it was a great experience for both of them. It gives them time to bond and hang out and allows Matty and I to save our time off. Maddie is head over heels for her Grandma, always kissing the iPad screen while we Skype and chatting away with her on the phone. Even though we are so far apart in miles, technology makes it really easy to stay in close contact and we do a pretty good job at making vacations together a priority throughout the year.

We spent yesterday on the top of the parking garage at the Museum of Science, and although it was sticky hot and lacking access to drinking water (ugh) we got a beautiful view of the fireworks over the Charles River and got to see the Pops on a huge blow-up screen right in front of us. It wasn't super crowded and there were no drunk, obnoxious people to deal with, so I have to say it was a success. I am definitely finding this stage of toddler hood to be quite exhausting, though. Maddie has no stranger danger, and in fact prefers to go hang out with people and be all up in their business to just chilling out with her own people, and we spent quite a lot of time chasing after her, giving things back that she grabbed from people and begging her to sit down for one minute. I appreciate that she is neither lazy nor shy, but when will she learn the beauty of kicking back and relaxing?!

Aside from sleeping, this is the only time she sits down!
Hope you all had a lovely holiday and are staying cool in this heat. I just found this awesome list of spray parks, which I believe are the best invention ever these days! Happy 5th!


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