Summer Check In!

Hey guys! Just in case you were wondering, we did indeed return from Martha's Vineyard. We thought about turning and running when our home bound ferry came for us, but we needed to get the cat some food and I didn't bring enough outfits for proper island life to continue. So, here we are, back in the thick of it.

We returned from MV super late Saturday night, slept in and had a fairly normal day of church and errands and cleaning on Sunday until nap time. Then, shit got real.

I had put Maddie down and, although she was awake, I left her in her crib to get herself asleep, which she has actually been able to do the past 5 months or so. Matty and I were sitting on the couch, basking in all our upcoming free minutes when we heard it: THUMP. BANG BANG. Say, what?

The kiddo had escaped her crib. Houdini was officially, unequivocally, a toddler and our few months of finally getting to sleep through the night were OVER.


So since then it has been a couple weeks of cancelled yoga nights, Matty asleep on the floor next to the newly converted toddler bed, advice from friend's, middle of the night room decorations by an enraged toddler and a patient nanny who we thank our lucky stars for when we get to escape to work in the mornings.

Things are getting better (sloooowly) but we have hope that this will pass. At least by the time we send her off to boarding school. Right?

In other happenings we have made a pact to keep our super sweet tans that we earned over vacation and went to Nantasket last weekend and will be down the Cape for a few days this upcoming weekend. When you only get a few months of summer you have to take drastic measures people.

Last weekend we also went on our annual Swan Boat ride for Jane's birthday, which also included a lunch of amazing lobster rolls at Yankee Lobster and an epic car to bed nap by a certain midnight rambler. It was an amazing afternoon to celebrate one of the most amazing people I know, and the weather gods even cooperated and took some of this ridiculous humidity we have been having away for a few hours.

Pointing at her Dada
Matty and I continue to train for the Newport Marathon, which will be my first full and Matty's 4th. I did 13 miles this weekend and felt pretty damn good at the end of it, but I am still a little baffled about how I am going to do double that in one day. This morning I woke up for a make-up run from Tuesday's rain out and it was absolutely gorgeous! We are talking in the 60's and NO HUMIDITY after weeks and weeks of heatwaves and air so wet and thick you could drink it. It was heaven. I ran like the wind (well, for me anyways).

Matty is officially signed up at Boston University, which is something that he has so selflessly put on the back burner for years, and I am so completely excited for him to finish his degree and drop a whole ton of knowledge on the world.

We are attending a home buying workshop through NACA on Saturday before we go down to the Cape. With the housing market in Boston about to go back to completely ridiculous I just want to see if there is any chance at all we can take advantage of these rates without having a down payment, and I have heard that this organization is a really good resource for doing so. I am not holding my breath, but it will be good to know that our options are and feel like we are moving towards our goal of some day owning our own home.

Last but not least I had a second interview yesterday for a move that could be pretty freaking exciting and life changing. Not sure if it will happen and definitely feeling a little nuts for possibly moving on so soon into this move, but sometimes really great opportunities come knocking and you have to answer the door and see what happens. More to come, regardless of the outcome, I promise.

I am SO excited to spend the weekend with by bestie and my peeps on the Cape!


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