Hi there! Just checking in from Martha's Vineyard where we are amidst our annual family vacation. It's just us three and my sis-in-law, her hubs and my sweet niece, which is less family than the past few years, but still plenty awesome. 
We've been spending our days at the beach, strolling through the little towns on the island and eating grilled things outside for dinner each night. The weather has been agreeable though a little too hot for a cottage with no AC and too much leather furniture (yuck) but I'm tan and wearing flip flops all the time, so I'll take it. 

Maddie has been enjoying the beach so much; she absolutely loves being in the water and will happily stay in until we have to drag her and her blue lips out. She hasn't been sleeping as well as she usually does while we are on vacation; a strong refusal to take a regular nap without some serious work has been the pattern, but it's so hot and light where her crib is that I can't help to sympathize with her. She's been going down at night like a champ and even though she's waking a little too early, it's still pretty good. She's had a blueberry muffin from the local bakery two mornings in a row and went to an awesome park with Dada while I ran this morning, so she's definitely feeling the fun of vacation. 
I went out for a 13 mile run today but only made it to 12 before my phone started dying and I ran into Dada walking a very unhappy Maddie. Good thing I've already done the Tough Mudder because carrying a fussy toddler for a mile and a half after running twelve made for one hell of an obstacle. Oh the life of a marathon training mama. It was a gorgeous run though, and I made it back before the marine layer burned off so it wasn't too hot, and 12 miles at the rate I've been enjoying food and beer is nothing short of miraculous. 

We've only been here since Saturday and have already managed to make it to Menemsha for oysters and lobster rolls, eaten while we watched the fishermen unload their hauls; had scoops from Mad Martha's in Edgartown and watched a lot of boats (Maddie can't get enough and yells out 'bo!' at each of them. 

Tomorrow I'm taking Maddie to story time at the local library, and am hoping to get in a short run and more beach time before dinner with our friend (and librarian at said library) in the evening. We are definitely enjoying all this time together and getting to watch Maddie interact with her cousin, as long as I don't dare try and hold her. Jealous kiddo! 
More pics off our camera to come once we are off this wonderful island! Sorry for the lack of captions too; I'm using blogger on my iPad and can't figure that out! 


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