The Little Things

As luck would have it, Maddie's nanny had an afternoon appointment so I left work early and spent the post-nap part of the day with  her, just the two of us.It was a beautiful day and we weren't quite ready to go home, so we made a stop at Castle Island to enjoy some fall air. It was fairly early in the afternoon so there were not too many people around and Maddie got the run of the playground; then we decided to go for a walk around the fort to watch the planes and boats and get some ice cream from Sullivan's (ok, more my idea than hers, honestly what kid does not run to the prospect of ice cream? My kid! Crazy).

My little lady definitely loves tutus, dolls and the color pink and is the cutest pig tailed thing I have ever seen, but what she really loves are trains, buses, cars, planes and boats. 
It is something about her that I absolutely adore - this organic love for all things transportation related, that are typically attributed to "things that boys like". Don't tell Maddie that line of sexist crap though, this little cherub who exclaims "fiyah twuck" at anything even slightly resembling such a thing, and cannot get enough of playing with her wooden trains is likely the future transportation director for Boston (hey, maybe she will fix the T, a feat that may be harder than finding the cure to cancer). Ever since she was a tiny thing, these are things that have always peaked her interest, and her Dada and I are all too happy to indulge her in any way that we can and foster this love.
But never mind our parenting style, the point of this post really though, is this awesome series of photos that I captured while we sat and watched the planes and boats coming and going.

I present to you: "Pwane! Boooat!"

Sitting on the sidewalk, after refusing to sit with Mama on the bench, probably to get a better view of all the excitement, not to escape snuggles and kisses from Mama.
Oh my gosh, there is a plane! And a boat! In the same view!
Gotta get up and go check this out!

Wait! Plane! Boat! I'm over here! Hello plane! Hello boat!
Aaaaand, they're gone. Buh bye plane. Buh bye boat.
Wait, is that another plane?

This went on for quite sometime, and kept this Mama and everyone who walked by very entertained. She never lost an ounce of excitement and continued to point out every boat and plane for anyone walking by who was not aware of the amazing sites happening right underneath their noses. This kid, I swear, she really lets me stop, breathe and enjoy this life that is playing out in front of us.

Thanks Maddie Jane, you sure do bring a lot of joy and smiles into this world of ours.



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