Good Stuff

I can't believe how much things have changed in the couple of weeks since my last post; it's amazing how life can turn itself upside down and around so quickly and things can end up being so darn great!
Where to start? Well, once upon a time, okay in March of this year, I made the really difficult decision to leave the organization that I had been working for to move into a different role and organization. It was a very hard move for me to make, and it ended up being more about the personal feelings I had for myself and my career than it did for anything else. I was happy at work and loved the organization, but I felt like I had outgrown my position and didn't feel great about having the education and experience I have and not being able to utilize it as I wanted to. As anyone in non-profit knows, there is often very little room for growth, and though I had been very lucky to have a position created for me to promote into, there came a time when I could no longer move up, so I made the difficult decision to move on. I took a position at another organization that turned out to be okay, but was definitely not the fit that I had hoped for. I found myself really missing my last organization, both for the people who work there and for the work that they do. I tried to chalk it up to my own challenges with change and made myself try and feel good about moving on and taking  a higher up position more suited to my education and experience, but it just never felt right. I never felt as happy as I had been, was not as energetic and excited to talk about my work and just overall lacked the passion and work ethic that I pride myself on. I wanted back in, but had no idea how to make that happen. Then, as things do so often for me, luck turned my way and thanks to my awesome mentor from my previous organization and some very exciting growth opportunities for them, I was able to come back in a management role that is perfectly suited for my skills, passions and experience with the organization. In short, shit turned out PERFECT. And now, here I am, back at the organization I love, working for someone I admire and respect, having a g'damn blast and watching this place grow like crazy. I guess all those nice things that I have done got saved in some sort of karmic bank, because I got real lucky with this alignment of stars. So that is that and I am excited for more to come!

Outside of work, things continue to be super busy in the O'Shea household; Matty is in full swing at school, Maddie started her new season of music classes and I am just a few weeks of training away from my first marathon! Last weekend was my longest run at 20 miles and despite my head holding me back, I think my body really is ready for this, or at least I am going to give it my all, since that is all I have to give anyways!
We have all sorts of fun things coming up in the next couple of weeks: a wedding, a birthday party, fall weather and a trip to the ballet. We took advantage of the Boston Ballet's free performance on the Common Saturday night and it was just absolutely amazing. The performance, the weather, the company - everything was great and Maddie really seemed to enjoy it, especially the tutus (hers and the dancers!).

The weather is getting cool, the nights are getting longer and that kiddo of ours is getting more and more awesome with each day.

Good stuff.

Bed head and a toothy grin!

Studying up on the ballerinas.

At around mile 13 of a 15 on the Cape.


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