Currently, September Edition

Oh, these sweet curly pigtails. I cannot get enough.

When we cut down on cable earlier in the year I had no idea how resourceful we could get, including the generosity of friends and family who let us use their premium channel log-ins (oh HBO and Showtime, how I missed you!). Between Amazon Prime and being able to watch True Blood again, I feel pretty good about that one hour each night between putting Maddie down to sleep and passing out on the couch in a lump of exhaustion while trying to make it through a whole episode of something. Oh who am I kidding, I watch Thomas and Friends more than I even get to watch the news, but at least I have options!

Listening To
So much punk rock thanks to the nifty folks at Pandora. I swear the Murder City Devils station has been pumping out some seriously good jams lately: Minor Threat, Bad Brains, the Misfits; it feels like my youth all over again, except I am listening to it while I run 15 miles or drive my toddler around running errands and feel quite less angsty. 

Maddie's second birthday party! I can barely wrap my head around the fact that my baby girl is having her second birthday, so instead I think about all of the adorable Thomas themed birthday ideas on my Pinterest! I spent one of my long runs the other weekend getting every little detail thought out and I must say I am really excited to make it happen. We have been attending a lot of second birthday parties this month and I love that it is almost my turn to have everyone over to hang out and watch our rugrats fight over toys!
One way to pass the time during an oil change - test driving!

Thinking About
Changes, decisions, and the paths that lead you right to where you are supposed to be, even if you have already been there. Sounds more vague than a teenage girl's Facebook status, right? That's because I have exciting, much needed changes going on, but I can't quite let the cat out of the bag, so you get my annoying, philosophical sounding verbal vomit instead. Sorry!

I have gotten into the habit of having one book that does not leave my bed so it is always there for me to read one page of before I fall asleep, and one in my purse to read on the T and in those rare moments where I have nothing else to do while away from home. My bedtime book is The Good Nurse by Charles Graeber and my purse book is Lost Memory of Skin by Russell Banks. Neither of them are uplifting, happy, or by any means easy reads, but they are both really interesting and one (Banks) is about a homeless convicted sex offender, which obviously peaks my interest having worked in both those fields in one way or another for most of my career. Lest you think I am all serious, I do also have the September issue of Vogue hidden away by the couch and spend many of my child free minutes drooling over the pages and pretending I am in Monaco reading poolside.

Making Me Happy
Date night! Matty and I are going to see The Supersuckers tonight and, coincidentally, my friends from Reno are opening up for them! I haven't seen The Supersuckers since the weekend I went into labor, and spent most of that show standing in weird positions trying to make my contractions feel better, so I am looking forward to having a beer and rocking out without that whole labor pain thing going on :)
My little pastry chef helped me make cookies this weekend!

 Thanks to Danielle at Sometimes Sweet for the inspiration!


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