Over the Weekend

I started using eye cream for the first time in my life about a week ago, as a preventative measure, you know? I get really dry skin around my eyes and figured that not only would I be helping to fix that situation but that I would also be tackling any wrinkles that may show up in ten years (shhh, I know, I know, don't ruin it for me). Last night as I was washing my make up off for bed I noticed that my eyes seem a little brighter and the dry skin is a lot better, making me feel pretty good about my purchase...fast forward nine hours when I am standing in front of the same mirror with bags the size and color of a body bag hanging out underneath there. Hell-o Monday! But hey, we had a good weekend and learned that even (especially) on a Sunday a late nap will definitely screw the kiddo's sleep schedule up and keep her awake way past the time that we want to be awake.

Never stop learning, people.

We started our weekend off by attending a beautiful wedding reception in Narragansett, RI at a venue called The Towers. Everything was beautiful - the bride, the tables, the food, the view, the cake pop that had cookie dough in it. The best part, aside from celebrating the newlyweds, was seeing a bunch of my HONO family and getting to celebrate that everyone has something super exciting going on in their lives - engagements, newlywed status, career changes, moves, marathon training (woo us!). I love those people so, so much and am always overwhelmed with happiness to think that we all met on a relief trip to New Orleans and will always have that experience at the core of our connection. We are truly a dynamic group of people, if I do say so myself, and I am blessed to call them my friends.

Love the anchors!
REALLY love this guy and getting dolled up with him.
 Matty and I didn't last long and headed back to Boston around 9pm to our wonderful sitter who had miraculously put the kiddo to bed without a bit of a fight and managed to keep her that way. I love how good she is for other people, it makes me feel a lot less stressed out about going out for a night now that she has the sleep demons mildly exorcised (let's just not talk about last night...).

Saturday morning we slept in a bit and then managed to take turns running 12 and 15 miles (the latter was me!), grocery shopped, made birthday cupcakes from scratch and then managed to get ourselves way out into the suburbs to celebrate Kendra's birthday. We even managed to get home and spend about 5 minutes on the couch together before we both passed out, dead tired.

Sunday morning we woke up and asked Maddie what she wanted for breakfast, so it was "pahcakes, pahcakes" for all!
Pancakes for breakfast!
No syrup? No problem! Nutella it is!
After breakfast it was off to music class so Dada could study in peace, then a quick stop back at home afterwards to start some laundry and guzzle some more coffee. Then Maddie and I were off again to spend a ladies day of shopping and lunching with our Jane at the Derby Street Shoppes in Hingham. We both got spoiled with new clothes and an awesome lunch at Legal C Bar. We walked into oyster fest, which meant I had an amazing oyster po-boy with only a slight twinge of guilt for poor Matty, slaving over his statistics homework. 
After we got home and I put Maddie down for a late nap (yep, this is where we went wrong) I decided to keep the shopping groove going and ran out to Target for some random purchases, including tights for my lovely new Gap dresses. After that I met up with Kendra and her friend for 5pm Mass, which was SO weird without a toddler climbing and chatting and waving at everyone. Even our priest said that he did not know what to do with me minus both Maddie and Matty. We ended the evening with quesadilla night (sorry, but Paula Deen knows how to make a really easy quesadilla if you have enough butter) and some episodes of Frozen Planet, which Maddie was actually totally into.

I would love to tell you how I put Maddie to bed, curled up with Matty and watched the series finale of Breaking Bad before getting a good night's sleep, but let me take you back to that late nap and a kid who would not fall asleep until past 10:30 and then proceeded to kick me in the throat for most of the night. And now I have to stay off the internet until I can watch Breaking Bad.
Ah, parenthood, that's some magical shit, isn't it?

Another ridiculously fun-filled O'Shea weekend in the books, and a pretty crazy week on the horizon. C'est la vie (or at least ours!).


In the end, at least I had an oyster po-boy.


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