Happy Friday!

We made it! I had one of those weeks where I consistently thought it was a day later than it really was, so of course now that it is Friday the day seems to be dragging on. This week has been rough - not feeling well Monday, a snowstorm Wednesday and then last night I had a terrible allergic reaction to something. I woke up at 3:30 this morning with my face itching and burning and when I finally admitted that I couldn't fall back asleep I got up to take a look in the mirror and the reflection was just awful. I looked like one of those dried out apple head dolls and my eyelids were so swollen that it looked like I had been on a bender/crying for a week. I think that it had to do with mixing Retin-A with the face lotion I have been using, but whatever it is I am seriously done with Retin-A and my dermatologist. I have not been blessed with good skin and have never really found a good regimen; anyone have any good suggestions? I have super dry skin in the winter and am prone to breakouts year round. I have tried everything and I am just so sick of putting my poor face through so much. Ugh!

I am really thankful that I bought some Hello Kitty fashion glasses on clearance from the Sanrio website a couple of weeks ago because they were the perfect cover-up so that I could go into work and not horrify my colleagues and our clients. I am pooped and loopy on benadryl and really hopeful that a good night of sleep will help this situation.

I have lots of fun stuff planned over the weekend and starting tonight off by having dinner with one of my besties at Tavolo in Dorchester. It is so close to our house but neither me or the hubs have been, so I am pretty excited. Just don't ask me to take my "glasses" off until I get into bed tonight! 

Tomorrow I am taking a trip out to Ikea and on Sunday I get to celebrate the outbound baby of a dear friend at her baby shower! I love ooohing and aahing over all those teeny tiny clothes that get unwrapped!

Here is to a better face forward tomorrow and the ability to enjoy the weekend as thoroughly as possible!

Have a great weekend!


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