Freeze and Loathing in New England

It is no secret that winter and I have a love/hate relationship. In November, I love the winter: Christmas! Fresh snow! Scarves and hats! It is new and hopeful and I have dreams delusions of grandeur about ice skating and baking cookies and snuggling under a warm blanket.
Then February hits and I loathe every damn thing about it: Christmas debt! Black soot with snow and ice under it! All those damn layers to put on me and the toddler who refuses to keep her damn hat on! It is old and tiring and I am sick of falling asleep under a blanket on the couch super early every night after my will to be awake and living through another winter has disappeared.
This year, I started hating winter early. Like in January, and now that February is here and I don't have a vacation somewhere warm(er) until April, I am officially in loathe with winter.

I am tired. So, so tired. After we put the kiddo to bed and get ready to catch up on our DVR or read books or talk I really just want to go to bed, but I have no motivation so I just fall asleep on the couch and pretend I stay awake until 10. My poor husband is living with a hibernating sloth and I feel bad for him, except he has a good relationship with his Xbox and the ability to stay up past 9:30.
My usual mood booster (running) has been a cross between having to be miserable and cold outside or miserable and bored on the dreadmill. I have gained some smooshy in my stomach that I really don't want to have there, and I have another marathon to run in just a few months, not to mention the Hyannis Half Marathon in just two weeks. I need to crank out some miles but I really just want to hide under a (warm) blanket.
The only good thing that has happened this month is that it is no longer pitch black out when I leave my office at the late hour of 4:30 in the g'damn afternoon. That's it. That is all February had to offer me.
This run was pretty in December but tear inducing in February. 
So in order to get through this time I like to annually refer to as "the dark ages" I am forcing myself to make a list of all the good things that are happening soon, a list that will not include the nor'easter that is on its way to New England right now or the dry skin that has now migrated to my elbows.

President's Day! Man, I sure do love those dead prezs and the fact that I not only get the day off, but so does Matty! This means we don't have to cram in 32 miles of running between the two of us into one day and we might actually get to take a nap, or take the kiddo (bundled up) outside for a ride on her trike!

Fun Events! The Boston Chili Cup, a Fundraiser for the Rare Diseases Boston Marathon Team , St. Baldrick's and the Ginormous Climb are all on our calendar and I am so excited to be participating, volunteering or donating to each of these events. Philanthropy is fun and is a good way to get me to stop complaining about petty things like the winter blues, or at least is a good excuse to go out and consume enough cocktails to feel warm again.

New York! In March my little fam is taking three days in Brooklyn to visit all the NYC people we love and to spend time with my oldest friend in the world who will be in town from Seattle. I get to go out and catch up with her while eat too much at a bunch of fun places and she finally gets to meet my little Maddie!

California! Our annual April trip to the West Coast is officially booked and this year we are mixing it up a bit. Instead of going to San Diego we are attending one of my favorite lady's weddings in Yosemite and have rented a gorgeous house for a few days to relax and explore the park. My Mom and Step-Dad are coming along to help with Maddie and soak in the beauty with us, and while the thought of unplugging makes me want to cry a little bit, it will be so nice to have so much quiet time with everyone. After the wedding weekend we are heading to the Bay Area to spend a few days with my uncle, cousins and grandparents. Matty and I are also planning a little date night in San Francisco to see some of our friends and reenact that one time we had In & Out twice in one night along with a whole lot of whiskey. Maddie hasn't been to SF yet and I cannot wait for her to see the trolley cars and sea lions on the pier!

I am already starting to feel a little better...thanks for listening! Also, shout out to the invention of the indoor playground; we went all sorts of crazy after work yesterday and decided to take Maddie for a little bit on the way home. It was definitely worth it, and something we may need to do a little more often until we can make stopping at the park our after work routine again.

Wishing for spring,
Stef Frost

Maddie found the John Deere tractor and melted her Grandpa Bob's redneck heart with this picture.
Heeeeere's Dada!


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