My Sick Day with Maddie and Nemo

I wasn't feeling well yesterday. Like, at all. I got up early, showered and then picked up friends to give them a ride to the airport and somewhere in between all that my body told me to STOP. I got a terrible hot flash and wave of nausea and it all happened while driving in fast city traffic. Of course, since not feeling well isn't bad enough, my anxiety kicked in and by the time I had driven myself back home through side streets for fear of needing to pull over on the highway (again) I had ten panic attacks and had called our nanny to tell her to stay home. My plan was to get home, crawl into bed until Matty had to leave for work, and spend the rest of the day watching movies, snuggling with Maddie and drinking some Imodium and Xanax tea.

So, that is what we did. Later in the day, since I was feeling a little better and felt guilty about cooping the kid up with me, we went to the mall for Pinkberry, which is my cure for most things. She got to walk around, Mama got to get diapers at Target and we both had a good dose of Pinkberry, with her eating an entire small vanilla with all the berries all by herself and chatting with all the people who came and went while she did so.

Pinkberry is right across from the Disney store, which she has never been in, but that all changed yesterday. I was raised on Disney and am a huuuuge fan; my Mom collects Mickey and has since she was young and it was always a big part of my life. Matty, not so much, but I have shown him the magic and we even went to Disney World on our honeymoon! However, I have tried not to push things on Maddie and let her choose her own little preferences all on her own, but it must be in the genes, because she would watch Finding Nemo and Cars all day every day if we let her. 

Lately, she has started recognizing Mickey Mouse, which I think she associates with my Mom, and is kind of the sweetest thing ever. And as we left Pinkberry she spied with her little toddler eye a Mickey Mouse that just had to be picked up and hugged. And from that point on, the Disney Store had us.
Mickey got a lot of hugs and a tour of the store with Maddie.
Then she found her main man, Nemo and gave him all the kisses.
Then she found another Nemo and needed to make introductions.

Since I hadn't been in a Disney Store with a kiddo, I had no idea how fun it could be just to visit. Maddie and a store clerk danced and sang along to a video played on the big screen in the back and Maddie got little cardboard ears and a name tag for being Guest of Honor. It was so fun and got me even more excited for when we take her to an actual Disney park. They just know how to do it up for kids and she left the store with such a sweet smile...and of course a new Nemo stuffed animal. Lucky for Mama, they were having a sale to buy one and get one for a dollar, so there is also a Dorie hiding away for a rainy day surprise. We don't end up buying her a lot of toys since she gets so spoiled by all her relatives, so this was probably the best $20 I have spent on her in a long time given how excited she was to have him at home to snuggle with the rest of the afternoon.

She even shared her bananas with him before dinner.
And let him hang out while she watched her pre-bedtime Thomas.

I am feeling mostly better today and took yesterday as a sign that I need to stress a little less and take a little better care of my poor, anxious tummy. I am looking forward to a productive week with lots of green tea and evening snuggles with Maddie and Nemo.


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