Try as I might, I cannot think of anything to blog about that doesn't include complaining about the weather, recapping our super busy weekend, talking about running or gushing about that super sweet cherub of ours. That is boring though, right? These are the things that I ALWAYS talk about. I mean, this is my life - being busy and running and raising an awesome little person (all while loathing the weather), but I feel like I should be saying more. I love to read blogs and I get a lot of joy from knowing people come to this little corner of the internet to read these words and I really want to be more here. Heck, I will be more here, someday. Just not today.

What I really need is a vacation, and I cannot wait for 23 days to pass so that we can officially be on one. Not to wish three weeks away, because there is a lot of good stuff on the calendar, but I want to get away and press my reset button. I want to see my Mom and not have cell service and stay up a little too late and feel warm sunshine on my face; all things that will be mine to treasure so soon.

These past couple of weeks have been hard. Work is hard, for both of us; home buying conversations are in full effect and although exciting are also super scary; marathon training has gotten ever trickier as I get higher up in those miles and have the weather and my own negative thoughts to contend with and this lack of being able to sit outside and listen to the birds is just really, for the birds.

BUT tomorrow is another day, this afternoon is a new chance to appreciate the opportunities that my life presents me and tonight is yoga night. And soon, another blog post that has nothing and everything to do with all of this will bubble right up to my fingers and meet me back here. 

I climbed that tower on Saturday, 61 flights, and it was awesome. 
Thankful for an amazing nanny who sends me pics of their adventures. 
Sunday morning routine; oh how I love them. 
Less than three weeks! Not my race this year, but I cannot wait to cheer for my friends. 
This kid, oh this lovely, wonderful, challenging little girl. 


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