Happy (Good) Friday

Sometimes I photobomb the kid while she brushes her teeth.
Before this whirlwind weekend takes off, I wanted to stop in and wish everyone a happy Friday, and an extra happy Good Friday and Easter to those of you who celebrate.

I have a short day at work today, which is an awesome way to round out a really productive week in the office. I got a huge burst of motivation and energy seeing my vacation days on the calendar and it pushed me to get a lot of things done that I have been wanting to tackle. 
Once I get out of the office I am forcing Matt to also take a half day with me so we can all go to church, where I am scheduled to read, and then I have to be a total last minute mama and go get everything for Maddie's Easter basket and egg hunt. Whoops! To say I have been swamped lately would be the understatement of the year, and at least it isn't the day before!

Tomorrow I am running the BAA 5k, which will be a fun way to kick off the weekend and get pumped for watching the marathon on Monday. This has been an incredibly hard week and I have found a lot of calmness and closure on my runs these mornings. I spent this morning with my Back on My Feet team helping to cover as everyone rests and tapers for Monday; we had a great time at the track working on the couch to 5k program with the res-runners and seeing their determination and progress as the sun came up over Boston was pretty great. 

Saturday night Matty is attending a dinner with his running team and since we are sans-sitter I am going to stay home and (hopefully) get a good chunk of packing for our vacation taken care of. I am trying to be super organized since I am working Wednesday and then going straight to the airport and have so much going on before we board the plans, so here is hoping I can get it all together!

Sunday we are dedicating the whole day to Easter and family; we were able to schedule our long runs before and after marathon spectating on Monday, which will be a little tricky but totally worth it to just get to relax and spend time with everyone. Maddie is super excited to see her cousin and keeps asking about the "baby" despite me telling her that she will now be big enough to play and not just hog mama's hugs!
This little face is my favorite!
And then it will be Monday and we will be cheering, clapping and high-fiving our friends, teammates and fellow runners as they make their way down to Copley Square! I cannot wait to catch the elites as they fly by (go Shalane! USA! USA!) and I am excited to try out my new zoom lens to try and snap them in the split second before they are gone. As soon as the last runner crosses I think that a lot of us are going to exhale a pretty big sigh of relief and find some peace in making it through the first race since 2013, allowing us to further set our sights on everything the future has to hold, including a training plan for me to join them on the same route soon!

A lot has been going on for our little family and I have to tell you that this vacation and chance to be unplugged cannot come soon enough. Lots to share once we get back, hopefully (cue vague cliffhanger music)!

Have a great weekend, and GOOD LUCK to everyone running on Monday!


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