Holã from Vacation

Hi there! I'm sitting around sweating and resting my tired feet and thought it would be a good time to check in and say hi. 
Last time we spoke I was prepping for Easter and Marathon weekend, which was an absolutely wonderful few days. I'm looking forward to dedicating a future post to this year's Boston Marathon and the amazing events I was able to experience. 

Today we are on the last day of our vacation, which has brought us from Sacramento to Yosemite to San Francisco and Oakland and then back to the suburbs of the Bay Area. It's been a whirlwind and I am definitely feeling all of the fun we have had deep in my muscles...and desire for a serious nap!

Our first part of our trip was spent celebrating one of my best friend's weddings, which both Maddie and I had the honor of being in. It was a beautiful, intimate and completely "them" wedding. Every detail was just so perfectly about their love and I am so thankful we got to celebrate with them. 
We rented a really gorgeous house that was perfectly modern and roomy, especially since we ended up snowed in under a half a foot one night! I left the horrendous winter in Boston only to get buried in California! It was definitely pretty, though, and we enjoyed two other wonderful days of sunshine. I took a million pictures on my DLS that I'll be posting soon, but I wanted to share some of the beauty I captured on my iPhone in the meantime. 

I just can't even process all of the pretty that we saw! Once the wedding weekend wrapped up we headed back to my uncle's house in the Bay Area to spend time with him and my cousins, as well as my grandma who flew up from San Diego. Add my mom into this mix and we had a gaggle of family which, as you can imagine, made Maddie as happy as can be. We visited the Sacramento Train Museum, finally made it to Alcatraz and did some serious eating and running around all this warm weather. We even got a chance to have a night out on our own in Oakland to get dinner and drinks with good friends who live over there. 

Traveling with a toddler is definitely an undertaking, but I can't imagine our life any different and I'm so thankful to have a pretty adaptable little kiddo. We take this yearly trek to the west coast to see as much of my family as we can, and in the third year I can say that all the chaos is well worth it! It's amazing what a meal in a stroller or a nap on a train can do to reset a cranky little person, and what a run in the warm sunshine can do for a cranky mama!

Tomorrow we head home, and I turn 32 (ack!) then it's back to a million miles an hour as I have a little birthday soirée before I head back west to San Diego for work and then come home to take on my second 26.2. Rest is for the boring, right?! 


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