Almost Moving Day!

On the crazy train!
After what was surely the craziest (and most expensive) roller coaster ride of our lives, we are finally closing on our new house! We are scheduled to close at 9am on Thursday and then the movers come at noon! I cannot believe that we only have two nights sleeping in our current house left! It is crazy to think back on how much has changed since we moved in; there wasn't even a Maddie yet, well, at least not outside of my belly, and now she is ripping up and down the very same stairs that we first brought her up from the hospital.

Look at that tiny little Maddie!
We are all very excited to move; it is a better neighborhood, a nicer space and it is OURS, which is pretty fantastic. There is definitely going to be an impact to our budget and we will have a lot less play money for a while, but for the first time ever I am not panicking. First, it is temporary, as all money matters are and second, it is because we are putting our money into something so awesome, that will be in our family for as long as we want, and that makes it all worth it. Sure, it is going to be a little difficult to adjust to and we are going to be making some sacrifices, but I am so very excited to spend time at home, having people over for dinner and drinks on our deck and doing some fun DIY projects to make our home really reflect who we are.

Since we found out on Thursday that we were cleared to close we have been packing, cleaning and trying to get as organized as we can. This is the first time that we have hired movers, which we did given the small window of time we have to move our stuff, and I think it is holding us really accountable to get our shit together. We don't want the movers to think we suck at packing!

Honestly though, between packing, cleaning, work, tri training (2 weeks away!) and still trying to sneak some fun in on the weekends I am exhausted, but we are almost there, and every time I get overwhelmed I just pull up pictures of the new place and let my decorating daydreams go wild!

It is still summer though, and there is still fun to be had, and here is proof that we have managed to have some in the past few days, in case you were concerned:
Beach day with my AIL on Saturday!

Dada made a bow for backyard hunting purposes.
Tubbie time shenanigans. 

This is what happens when someone watches Maddie and lets us loose. Thanks, Jane!

Same face as the previous pic! O'Shea genes run deep!


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