My Maddie

"Mama. put down your phone and dance like a ballerin-o wif me. Twirl Mama, twirl." 
You got it baby girl. You. Got. It.

Her imagination slays me. Sometimes she decides that she is a baby giraffe or baby bird and calls everyone else the same animal plus their name. She will only respond to her animal moniker in these moments and asks for grass to eat for her and her "fwends".

She asks about the "new house" often and seems pretty excited for it, which I totally feel, baby girl.

In the afternoons her nanny picks me up then we drop her off and pick Dada up so we have that extra time in the car to chat and review our day. She always gives her beloved nanny air "ugga muggas" (like Eskimo kisses) when we drop her off and she insists on calling Dada on the way to his work to tell him about the boats or the runners on the Charles in the few minutes before we see him. When we get home she needs a minute to sit on the porch and watch for planes before she can go in and start helping me with dinner.

She retains things that I hardly remember telling her. She told a friend recently that her birthday is in November and another that her Dada helps sick people when he goes to his play place (work). She asks me what friends I was running with when I come back from morning runs. She also tells me I should take a shower and that I am smelly ;)

This little girl of ours is something else and I cannot get enough of this personality of hers. Thanks for being such a cool kid, Madds.


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