A Picnic in the Garden

This past Sunday we celebrated the best AIL ever with a picnic at the Boston Public Gardens followed by our annual Swan Boat ride. This year we also added riding the carousel on the Common (three times) and a trip to the Frog Pond playground. It is pretty much the best tradition ever, especially since it involves lobster rolls from Yankee Lobster.

The clouds were threatening our plans when we got to the Garden, but by the time we were done and walking around the sun was shining. It was a pretty perfect way to celebrate a pretty perfect lady.

It is not lost on me how fun it can be to play tourist in my own city (even if the real tourists do still kind of annoy me every other day). With all the stress and unknown surrounding our home buying situation, it is so nice just to enjoy a few hours of summer, family and of course, food.

Thanks Boston, you really know how to take our minds off the chaos and fill it with fun.

Helping to set up our picnic blanket.

A mouth full of cherries!

A stick! So exciting!

I held onto the back of her dress the whole time because she insisted on the end seat.

We take this picture every year! She is so huge!

She got three rides because, well, we love it too!

She wanted her new swan to have her own seat too.

The ladies!
Well played, Boston. Well played.


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