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I kind of can't believe that a week has passed since my last Currently post...I swear I meant to post another blog in between! Oh well, enjoy! And let me know what you are up to!

Loving: The fact that this weekend is going to be so gorgeous! Matty, Maddie and I went to the beach this past Sunday and I was really quite settled with (what I thought was) the fact that it was going to be our last summer beach day. But alas, this weekend is going to be even warmer than last! I am hoping that we will either head up to Rockport or go visit Maddie's Grandpa on the Cape but I will be just as happy with another day on Nantasket...who cares, we will be on the beach!

Maddie loves going to the beach!
Reading: All of the summer issues of the magazines I have subscriptions to: Real Simple, Glamour, Shape, Food and Wine, Travel + Leisure. Yes, I get a ton of magazines in the mail; it used to be so I could take them to the beach and leisurely read them, but now I have chubby little thighs in a swim diaper keeping me entertained, so I have a lot of catching up to do. I am "in between" novels right now so I thought I would try and get caught up on my daily train travels before the September issues come out.
Speaking of the September issues, I am also slowly digesting the Fall Vogue, taking my time like I'm eating a creme brulee and soaking it in. I took it to the beach this weekend but didn't want to get sand/water/sunscreen/baby drool on it so I left it in the car. Yep, kind of a nut for this and the Martha Stewart Halloween issue!

Watching: Well, planning on watching The Hunger Games. Matty noticed that it is finally On Demand so I am just waiting for a night that I might make it pas 9:30 so we can watch it! I really liked the books, especially the first book and am excited to see how Hollywood translates it. I had every intention of seeing it in the theaters, but then a baby happened!
This is what happens when I try to stay up late.
 Thinking about: The people of New Orleans and the sad irony that Hurricane Issac is about to make landfall seven years after Katrina. This is definitely a lot less scary, but I feel like this time of year always makes me think of the dark stain in our history books and the way that our country completely fucked up in their response to Katrina. I also can't believe that it has been almost six years since the first time I went down there to volunteer. I was such a broken, fragile, young woman and that trip will forever mark a major shift in my life and the beginning of the best chapter so far. I was thinking today that if not for being in grad school I probably would have never come back to Boston, instead staying down there like so many volunteers turned NOLA residents. It makes me a little nostalgic, but had I not come back I would have never met Matty and would have never got to take him down there to volunteer and experience that amazing city. You're in my prayers, NOLA folks!

Anticipating: Our anniversary trip to Philly! We decided to be all responsible and crap and stay in the country for our anniversary trip this year (as opposed to going to Ireland like we had first planned). There are still some places on my American travel bucket list (DC, Austin, Memphis) so we decided to cross this one off since we can drive to it and use our Hilton Honors points to stay for a few days. I am SO excited to see the Mutter Museum and the Eastern State Penitentiary, eat a cheese steak with a Yeungling to wash it down and check out some awesome history!

So excited to see Philly! Actually, she is excited to be having lunch with her Godmama Amy who came to visit us in Boston this weekend!
 Wishing: A pile of money would magically appear so we could buy a home. Being a renter is fine and I love our apartment, but I am starting to long for a dishwasher and a lack of upstairs neighbors. I am meeting with a financial planner in a few weeks and hoping that she can help us get on track to saving and lessening our debt (damn you, credit cards) so we can make our homeowner dreams a reality before we decide to pop out another baby.

Making me happy: Our first delivery of Boston Organics! It came today and it was like Christmas opening that green bin! Matty made some of the corn on the grill tonight that we paired with some Old Bay seasoned shrimp skewers and some quinoa and goodness was it delicious! I packed a salad for lunch tomorrow with red leaf lettuce, grape tomatoes and sprouts and made Maddie a lunch of yogurt and fresh Maine blueberries. I love that they provide recipes with your delivery too! I am super excited to make Thai basil eggplant this week!
Yay Boston Organics!
 What about you? What are you up to? Leave a link to your own Currently post in the comments so I can see what is going on in your fabulous life!


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