Loooong Weekend!

In two more hours my three day weekend commences! I am pretty excited to have so little planned for once. Our main goal is to get to the beach and fire up our grill and spend some time together relaxing. Sounds pretty heavenly, no?

I really can't believe that it is September and that I am really thinking about the fall and having a one year old. I swear she was just born! Wow. Time flies when you're being a mama to the most awesome little lady. Matty and I will celebrate our two year wedding anniversary in a few weeks, but in contrast it feels as though he has been my husband for much longer. I can't imagine having so much fun being a wife, mama, and so true to myself without him. He's just pretty much the best, period.

I though that fall was going to mean a slow down and then I tried to schedule brunch with a friend and realized that slow down, um, not so much. I had a bit of a breakdown recently over feeling so rushed and busy all of the time, and so Matty and I devised a plan to keep things to a minimum and focus more on family time during the week and leave the other fun for the weekends, which I feel makes things a lot more manageable for me. I am wrapping up my time as a board member, which I feel will take a lot of pressure (and guilt for not doing as much as I'd like) off of me and will give me time to get some projects in with Boston Cares; I haven't led a project with them since last September 11th when super prego me and Matty went to clean up a school in Dorchester as part of a nationwide day of service. I miss the peace and sense of accomplishment that comes with doing that and I need it back in my life.

Tuesdays through Thursdays are now devoted to yoga night, running in the mornings, family dinner at Jane's and less rush, rush, rush. I am hoping this will help me enjoy and be in the moment all the other busy days and not make me lose confidence in my ability to "do it all, have it all". I am going to start training for my first half marathon this month too! Finding out about the Disney Princess Half Marathon is what made me want to be a runner, and now I am going for it this February! I cannot wait/am slightly terrified of running that far! I hope Prince Charming doesn't mind when I am a hot, red mess at the finish line.

Just wanted to do a quick update and get my thoughts clear before the weekend. I hope you enjoy yours!


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