Inside Out Baby!

Today is Madeleine's "inside out birthday" aka her 9 month mark! Woohoo!

Happy 9 months, my precious little girl! I love the smell of your head and the slight kick of your feet as I cuddle you in your sleep. I love your gummy grin and crazzzzy hair when you sit up in bed first thing in the morning, always ready to start the day with a smile. I love the way you are SO persistent in your attempts to stand up; one handed balance, go kaboom on your diaper butt and do it all over again. I love watching you smile at your "Dada" and flap your arms when he gets home from work. I love naps on the weekends with you and having our girl talk over cereal in the morning. Your presence, your personality and your smile are all your Daddy and I need to make us beam with love and happiness. I can't wait to see what the next nine months has to hold!



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