Eight Months of Mamahood

My sweet little Madeleine passed her eight month mark; her nine month check up is already on this month's calendar. I am talking about her first birthday in a realistic, planning sort of way.

My sweet little chubby cheeked munchkin, oh how she has stolen my heart, and her Dada's too (she does, after all, say Dada over and over and over these days). She is gorgeous, a perfect mix of me and Matty and all of our family traits - the big, blue eyes from my family; the perfect, rounded nose from his.

She is a funny kiddo - she is constantly smiling with her toothless, gummy mouth and squishy nose. She loves her kitty, her wonderful nanny and eating yogurt with blueberries. She hates going to sleep when there are more important matters to tend to (ie. anything else); she can't stop pulling herself up on anything and everything and bouncing up and down on her chubby, delicious legs.

I curl up next to her each night and wake up in the mornings to her adorable smile and messy hair.

She is, by far, the most wonderful little person I've ever known and I can't imagine being anyone else but her mama.

Thank you, Maddie Jane, for all of the joy you have brought me and your Dada, and all of the excitement over the years to come.

One in-love Mama


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