Over the Weekend

I seem to have fallen into a not-so-awesome pattern where I get everything laid out Sunday night for both going to the gym and getting dressed for work to be out the door early, we get the coffee ready to brew, and get settled in for an early night. Then, I stay up too late, wake up in the middle of the night, and snooze button my way through not just the gym but also that time to get out the door anywhere near the time I want to.

Ugh. Me and that snooze button have a very unhealthy, co-dependent relationship. Not that this is news. 

I guess I can cut myself a little bit of slack since I did manage to get out for 18 glorious miles of marathon training yesterday, including up and down Heartbreak Hill for my first time. I took it slow because I am getting over a chest cold, but it felt pretty good, and it was one of those runs where I thought to myself "yeah, I can run a marathon...again", which is good because it is only 8 weeks away! The sun was out, Matty was by my side and the new course was a good way to mix it up. Heartbreak Hill is no joke, y'all. My bum was ON FIRE as I crested towards the BC chapel I told Matty that Jesus must intercept a whole lot of prayers and Hail Marys here on Marathon Monday!
Always the gentleman, refilling my water bottles at the Johnny Kelley statue.
Friday we had a make-up family dinner, which was a lovely end to a pretty tiring week. Saturday Maddie and I dropped Dada out to class and then headed over to the Breakfast Club to get her some pancakes before her first gymnastics class. It was fun to have a little breakfast date with her, just the two of us, watching the cars go by and chatting about what we were going to do that day. This little smile just melts me!

After breakfast we attended a trial class at My Gym, which turned out to be so awesome that I signed her up for a membership and her first four weeks of classes. The Staff were super nice and interactive with the kids and there was a nice mix of structured activities and free play. They set up all sorts of fun things throughout the class, including a zip-lining whale that may have caused Maddie to smile the BIGGEST smile I have ever seen. She went in a ball pit for her first time (LOVED it), swung like a monkey from a rope, and ran around with a bunch of other kids her age. The Staff told me that they change the entire layout each week so that it is a surprise for the kids when they come in - how cool is that? It was so focused on fun and movement for the kids, which is exactly what this little ball of energy needs, and I am looking forward to making this our new Saturday morning routine. 
After class we went to my AIL's and had a shopping date to get Maddie some much needed new shoes. She is such a little shopper and had fun trying on shoes and running around to show us if they fit okay. She came home with FOUR new pairs, so we are all set for the spring (hear that, weather?).
Maddie on the carousel during our shopping trip!

Such a happy little engineer!
Sunday morning Maddie had her last music class, which was bittersweet. We have had a lot of fun in those classes and she is always wanting to listen and sing along to the cd, but the teacher that we had this semester just couldn't hold a candle to our last beloved teacher (who is also a family friend) so we decided it was time to move on to a new activity, and since she has ALL THE ENERGY I thought that a movement based activity was probably a good fit. It has also been killing us to have Dada at class all Saturday and then having to figure out everything on Sunday with a big chunk of the morning taken up, so having gymnastics on Saturday is going to clear up our Sunday and hopefully make family time/marathon training/napping on the weekends (for me) a little more manageable. 

After class we took Maddie to my AIL's and set off for those 18 miles I mentioned, and then had an amazing dinner of steak tacos with all the fixings, complete with flan for dessert. I say it all the time, but my AIL is the absolute best and takes such god care of the three of us. Marathon training and date nights and full bellies would never happen like this without her, and I thank all our stars for her everyday. 

Overall a pretty lovely weekend, especially since it stayed above freezing for a good portion of it! Let's just not talk about the snow that we woke up to this morning. 

Have as happy as a  Monday as you can muster!


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