Happy Friday!

Hey guys, happy Friday! This week has been a little nutso; I don't even have any pictures to share here (what?!). Lots of things going on in the home buying front that I will be sharing soon, but lets talk about the weekend!

Tonight we are running a couple of errands in Harvard Square and then picking up some delicious, Lent-friendly eats at El Pelon to eat at home in our comfy clothes. I am hoping for a relaxing night to start the weekend off right and make up for some of the sleep that I missed out on earlier in the week. I love my Jawbone, but sometimes knowing that I actually only slept four hours instead of the whole five and a half I was in bed is a little depressing...

Tomorrow while Matty is at class Maddie and I have her second gymnastics class and then I am going to get her help in making Irish car bomb cupcakes (don't worry, I won't let her lick the Guinness cake batter, unless she refuses her nap). Saturday evening we are going to a play date fundraiser that one of the runners on Matty's team is throwing; for a donation Maddie gets to play at an indoor play space and have pizza while we get to hang out with some of his running team friends and other supporters. Such a great idea, right? I am excited and hopefully Maddie will be nice and pooped that night with two big events that involve running around (do you hear the sound of my fingers crossing?).

Sunday morning we are going to be up early to get 12 miles in before we run the Ras na hEireann 5k in Somerville. A few of our friends are also running and some are coming to spectate/drink after and then we are all going to my AILs for her always-amazing St. Patrick's Day feast! This will be the first year ever that we have been in town and not gone to the parade in Southie; originally it was due to this race, but with all of the ridiculousness surrounding it this year, I am glad we are doing something else. I do love a parade, but I am pretty excited for free beer and minimal townies.

It is going to be a full weekend (as always) and then only a two day work week before we head to Brooklyn to see friends and family and I get to see my oldest friend that I haven't seen in like 5 years! So very excited and I will definitely be taking lots of pictures of our adventures.

Hope y'all have a lovely weekend too!


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