My Maddie

Giving me her "mad face" this morning.
Maddie is at this fantastic stage where she is SO talkative but is actually pretty capable of holding down a solid little chat. As soon as she and her nanny pick me up from work she starts telling me all about their adventures, whether an ever exciting grocery store run or visiting the "dine dines at the science" (dinosaurs at the Museum of Science). She tells me if she went to the "playplace" or "ayebrary" (library) and whether or not she shared (although sometimes she gives herself more sharing credit than her more truthful nanny can attest to).

She tells me that she loves me a lot, and it makes my heart swell and burst into a million tiny rainbows each time. Yesterday while picking something up at CVS (which she calls BS, so obviously she knows about their customer service at two years old) she introduced me to the cashier: "this is my Mama" then she said "I love her" and I thought I was going to cry from the adorableness of it all. She slays me with her kindness and affection and I hope that we can always foster that in her. I always want her to be confident in sharing her love for people and to always know how much we adore her. I guess that is the bottom line to this whole parenting thing, right?

Just this morning she woke up a little earlier than I wanted to be up, so I brought her into our bed for some snuggles and a hopeful few more minutes of dozing. Matty had already left early to meet up with his running team, so it was just me and Maddie. She asked "Mama, snuggle me" like she often does, wedging her little feet between my knees. Once she got settled in she put her hand on my cheek and said "perfect" and went back to sleep. Seriously, she cannot get any sweeter.

Don't get me wrong, she is still very much a two year old and has some MOMENTS but these are the moments that I think about during the day that get me so excited to see that little lady smiling at me from the car every afternoon. These are the wonderful treasures that I hold in my heart and make me so proud to be her mama.


gardenbaby said…
in tears. perfect indeed-

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