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You know when you are so busy that your mind just kind of shuts down and goes on autopilot and then a week has passed and you are like "WHAT?! WHO AM I? WHAT DAY IS IT". Yep, that has been my week (or two, oh my gosh what day is it?!), Add in a gnarly head cold and a little person who has been waking up ready to party in the middle of the night for two nights in a row and you have me in a nutshell!

Work is INSANELY busy and I left for three days to go hang out in Brooklyn, which meant that my to-do list decided to have little baby tasks and triple in size while I was gone. I imagine little tasks jumping around on my notepad in my office when I am away just multiplying themselves....and no I am not on cold medicine today.

I have had this little head/chest cold going on again; I really cannot believe how sick I have been this winter. Granted, it has been a terrible winter in New England, but I am so much healthier now than any other winter so I really do not get it. I exercise at least six days a week, I drink a green smoothie each morning, I guzzle water, I wash my hands and I barely have any interaction with our homeless clients (which has been a challenge in keeping well in past winters). Without sounding like a total whiner, all I can say is NOT FAIR. As if training for a marathon in this weather hasn't been challenging enough, trying to run without leaving a phlegmy lung on the side of the road is making it just that much harder!

I just turned the calendar in my office to April and I cannot believe how incredibly busy I am going to be, I mean, I am so freaking busy right now and things are about to get even more nuts. We have three weeks until we leave for California (hooray!) and in that time is Easter, Marathon Monday, two races for me, a ton of things to do at work, dates with friends, gymnastics classes, school (for Matt), 20 mile runs, and the day-to-day life of just being our crazy busy selves. Then we spend a week in California, fly home, and I am back on a plane to San Diego for business. And then I come home to run a marathon. Sooooooo, see you in June? Kidding!

On a serious note, Boston experienced a terrible day yesterday when we lost two firefighters in a huge fire near my work. I watched the flames from the other side of the river as I went to pick up Matty from work and I could not believe how massive the flames were from so far away. As a mama to a toddler that loves firetrucks and firefighters, we spend a lot of time saying hello to these heroes, and I am so saddened for their families, friends and co-workers. I attended a luncheon today that was also attended by our police commissioner and he gave some great words of remembrance for the two men lost. I am always humbled by those who run towards emergency situations instead of away from them, and first responders are always those people. Please keep our city in your hearts as we get through this so close to the anniversary of the Marathon bombings.

Thanks for following along on this little burst of chaos, brought to you by a very large mocha and a few minutes to myself.

Enjoy some pictures from this past week (no lost lungs included)!

En route to NY, Maddie insisted that Madeline also be strapped in. Safety first!
We got to see one of our favorite Manhattan residents during our trip! Love you, Kins!
Maddie also got to see one of her besties who now lives in the BK. Cute kid PJ party!
We visited a lot of parks in Brooklyn and Maddie approved of them all.
She also wore herself right the heck out.
Dinner at Momofuku!
The kid fell asleep so we got "secret ice cream". Parenting WIN.


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