Back to "Normal"

Whelp, now that we did that whole buying a house thing, we finally get to settle in and get back to our regularly scheduled know, the mundane, regular ol' life we have. 


Not that I would ever want to describe life like that, but y'all know this life we are living is anything but boring!

Last weekend Matty did not have class for the first time in months, so he was the best and took Maddie to gymnastics class while I got a little manicure/pedicure and some quiet, alone time with a Starbucks. Then we all went to our friend's birthday party who happens to also be the mama of Maddie's very best friend. We had a blast swimming in the pool, watching the girls play and getting down and dirty with an ice cream cake. On the way home Maddie passed right out, leaving us time to run some errands and pick up my packet for the tri on Sunday. 

Speaking of the is how that went:
We were up bright and early to get to Southie so I could get my transition area set up and mentally prepare myself for how far those buoys looked sitting in the ocean. Let me tell you, they looked really far and seemed to only get farther as we waited an extra half an  hour for the tide to come in. Swimming was the one thing I was worried about, and obviously was the first part, so I signed up for the novice wave (read: dead last and full of guppies). It was definitely not the best choice; I am not a strong swimmer, but these folks had some serious issues not keeping their arms and legs from going bananas and right into everyone around them! In lieu of getting kicked in the face I decided to hang back and let them go, which added time to my overall but gave me the space I needed to find my pace and, dare I say, enjoy myself! Once I went passed the second (of four) buoys I knew I had it nailed and my confidence totally went up. I had a rough transition (wetsuit to bike clothes = really challenging) but my friend hung back and we did the whole bike part together, which was so much fun. We probably could have pushed and gone faster, but we were chatting and taking in the experience and getting a bit of a rest before the run. 
Oh, the run. My legs and body were pretty tired by this point, but let me tell you something about having run a marathon: you can run even when you think you are absolutely going to DIE because you have been running for four hours straight, so running 4.4 miles at the end of a swim and bike was NBD. Was I fast? Not at all, I was at least a minute over my normal race pace. Was I smiling and feeling good? Absolutely. Was I last? ALMOST! But not quite :)

So, I did a tri and it was actually a lot of fun. Hell, I think I want to do another one! But not now; now I am excited to start half-marathon training (four days in) and to get back to long runs and the ten pounds ago of my last marathon finish. 

I thought I would be ridiculously pooped as soon as we got home, but I actually had the energy to take Maddie to the park down the street from our house and then made sure to fall asleep just as Matty started tackling our first home improvement project of putting shelving in the kitchen. This is the after, and I just love it. It added some much needed space for our cookbooks and just looks so good. That hubs of mine sure is handy!

So aside from tris and playing and making our new house awesome, we are just trying to enjoy every last minute of summer. My morning run had a crispness in the air that I haven't felt in a long time, and although it feels great, I know that this means that summer is on its way out. Luckily we have a lot left to do: my Mom is coming for a week, our beloved nanny is getting married and there are a lot of walks to the park in our future. 
You've been a good one, summer, but we aren't quite finished with you yet!

My Target buddy and I contemplating a mirror purchase. 
Dr. Maddie and our sweet new sectional.
Hanging out at our local park, because we can!


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