We Moved!

Hooray! After months that felt like years and more money than I can even wrap my head around, we are officially home owners! We closed on Thursday morning and had the last of our things out of our old apartment Friday morning (on our way to Newport Jazz Fest because, obviously we like to keep things interesting way too busy).

Although it is all a little overwhelming, it is also incredibly amazing to have reached this goal that we have been working on for so long and to focus on the next chapter of our lives...and painting; I cannot wait to paint! We moved into a pretty nicely renovated condo, but there are a lot of little things that we need to do and we have started a book of the bigger things that we want to do over time. It is so fun to know that we can do whatever we want to our home and make it perfect for us. I will definitely be taking some photos for a little tour around the new place and document everything that we do. I see a lot of Home Depot time in my future, especially since I have been there at least three times this month already!

Maddie is transitioning amazingly well into her new space, which I think has a lot to do with her awesome new bed and dinosaur sheets! The first few nights she slept through the night without a peep and has been napping well. I am trying to make her a part of everything and had her pick out some paint swatches that she liked and might even let her help us out when we do her room....maybe.

Honestly I just feel like life can continue when it felt so much like it was in limbo - not know when and if we would move, not able to make a budget, and dealing with the back and forth stress of everything. I was a little too happy to get into work Tuesday and just dive into my projects and normal routine because I am craving a sense of normalcy so bad right now.

I feel incredibly grateful for all of our friends and family who supported us and helped us get to this place and I cannot wait to have everyone over for some well deserved fun!

Here are a few pics of our moving weekend and a little glimpse into Maddie's new room!

Having secret Shake Shack while Maddie snoozes in her car seat. We are awesome parents.

Maddie and I had a little fun in between Home Depot runs.

New room! This rug is so cute, right?

Giving me her best teenager impression over lunch in our new kitchen.

Pretending to sleep in her new bed our first night in the new house!


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