Currently: End of Summer Edition

I cannot believe that Labor Day weekend is just a few days away! So much has happened this Summer since my last Currently post and I can honestly say this has been a Summer for the books! Here is what we are up to as the summer rolls out and pumpkin everything  Fall comes in behind it.

Reading: I am a couple hundred pages away from completing Allegiant, which is the final book in a trilogy by Veronica Roth, and it is due back at the library tomorrow so I better hurry! Most of my friends had a decline in their enjoyment of the books as the trilogy went on, and while I do agree that the first one was the best, I am actually still into the second and third. As with a lot of YA books, I do get a little annoyed at the brooding, poor decision, boy-crazy female protagonist, but it made for some good summer reading.

Eating: I am trying to get in all the yummy summer fruits before they are gone, and have been incorporating lots of random berries into my morning smoothies. Also, I started prepping them in freezer bags after seeing this hack and it has made my mornings so much smoother (ha! get it?). I am going to be asking Santa for a smoothie blender for Christmas to replace our regular ol' one; any suggestions on what to ask for?

Thinking About: Fall! I do love the summer, but Fall in New England is the cat's pajamas. Cooler weather, my favorite fashion season, pumpkin everything, and less chaotic weekends; yes, please. I feel like things are going to be SO fun with Maddie this year: apple picking, Halloween, leaf peeping, all those things Matty and I love to do but through the eyes of our little adventurer. I am loving the warm weather this week, but I am definitely eyeballing those boots in my closet.

Listening: Maddie has the best party trick in which she sings the chorus to Knock on Wood (in the vein of Otis Redding); is is by far the cutest thing I have ever seen, so I play it a lot to get her to do it. That led to more Otis, and then some James Brown, and before I knew it my Amazon Prime was like Soul Train. No complaints here though, if she wants to get down to Papa's Got a Brand New Bag over any new popular music I will gladly indulge her.

Watching: It turns out that not having cable has been a really minor change, mostly because we still have access to Showtime and HBO, thanks to some friends' accounts, so I have been playing catch up with Nurse Jackie. I have also started to watch Six Feet Under on Amazon because I never finished the series after starting to watch it in that year I took off between undergrad and graduate school. Man, that show was good!
I will admit that I am a little sad to be missing out on Son's of Anarchy and some terrible E! shows, but maybe someone will give me access to their Verizon account? Any takers? ;)

Loving: Having my Mom here! Gramma is here for a week to watch Maddie while her nanny is getting wedding ready and Matty and I work, and it is just so awesome to have her here. Maddie adores her Gramma and I think that this time they get to spend together one-on-one is so wonderful and invaluable for the both of them. I am also really loving how easy my nights have been after work since all Maddie wants to do is play with Gramma! We will be so sad to see her go home on Saturday but looking forward to our next visit together already!

Well, that's it folks, happy Wednesday! Hope you get a beach day in before this weather is gone!

Picture credit to Gramma on Old Silver Beach.


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