Summer's Last Hurrah

Well folks, this is it, the final breaths of summer.

I can feel it in my heart, in the long sleeve t shirt I have on and the not-so-sad feeling I have over pumpkin spice lattes coming back. I haven't been here a lot because I have been trying to take in every single last bit of the summer that I can. I just want to be outside, to wear sandals, to opt for ice cream before dinner. Of course now that we have gotten used to having our air conditioner off the weather says it will be in the 80s next week, so down the windows come and on that sweet AC goes, but I have a feeling this will be it. The last warm hurrah.

This summer has been good to us, even if it was incredibly, terribly, awfully stressful as we worked towards getting our house. I mean, we got the house, and we still managed to spend some quality weekends on the beach, so it wasn't all bad.

My Mom will come today to spend the week with Madeleine while our beloved nanny preps for her wedding, then we will drop my Mom off on our way to spend the long weekend at said wedding. We rented a house through Air BnB that is on a farm. where we will get to pick our own fresh eggs for breakfast and see baby goats. We come home the day after Labor Day and Matt starts classes that night while Maddie and I start our new routine of just us ladies two nights a week. I plan to do on-line yoga classes and early bed time for both of us those nights. 

But this weekend and the week after, this will be our hurrah before that weekend. Time to play tourist with Gramma and show off our new home, to make one more trip to the beach and eat one more lobster roll. To say goodbye to summer with all our love and wishes for a quick return. 

Thanks summer, you were a real treat. Now lets have a good send-off.

Maddie got a Sox hat and a Bambi, and they play well together.
She was CRACKING up about putting the hat on Bambi. 
This kid, such a silly one. 

New decals over her big girl bed!

We went bowling and the tiny shoes made my heart explode. 

As did this sweet teaching scene.

Hooray for bowling!

My buzzy bee baby.


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