Grumpy like a Fargo-ian

The weather has officially taken its toll on me, and I am legitimately, certifiably, just a bit over a wee bit grumpy.
It is cold! I know that I live in New England, and I know that it is January, but goodness gracious - it's in the single digits and dropping!! When the weather starts to affect both my daily routine and my leisure time, it's officially war. I don't mind bundling up for my morning commute, or having to leave early to make it across the ice in my TUggs (read: Target brand Uggs), but when I don't even get to do the things that I want to do, it's officially bullshit.
Last night I tried to go to the Shambala Center as I had planned, but after getting a bit lost and running a bit late I spontaneously bailed out and hopped on the 66 bus homeward as soon as it rolled up near me. I just couldn't deal with being outside with all my layers and bags and things on my hands and over my mouth for even one second longer! I am well aware of my hypochondriasis, but I really do think that I suffer from some sort of poor circulation because my feet were so cold that they hurt, badly and I felt like I was on achy pins and needles. My Mom mentioned the high blood pressure that I have had (which I think is due more to my anxiety and overall personality than anything else) when I told her about my night, but I blame my Dad, who has the worst circulation ever. I know we aren't "blood" related, but health-wise I take after him more than anyone else that I share DNA with. Regardless of how well the blood is circulating in me, it's cold and it sucks.
Despite stupid Jack Frost, I have managed to make it to the gym before work two days in a row! I feel good knowing that I am getting this time in even when I have busy days with lots of things scheduled after work. I never thought I'd be up and to the gym so early, especially in this weather, so I am definitely patting myself on the back. I'm not too sore or tired, though the low calorie intake is taking some getting used to, mostly because I am used to being sickly full after a meal, and now I am merely satisfied and still able to walk around. Thanks to my handy, dandy iPhone app I have been tracking my calorie intake and exercise outtake and have almost lost 4 pounds! Only 16 to go before Reno! If I do it, I am definitely making my parents take me early birthday shopping for some sweet new jeans when I am there. Jeanne told me there is a new consignment shop in Reno that has 7 and Diesels for ridiculously cheap!
In all honesty, I really can't wait for the weekend to be here, more so than usual with this busy week. I am project leading at the MSPCA tonight which will be a nice boost to my grumpy mood; it's hard to pout with puppies and kitties around. Better yet, I got Emily to come along too, which will make this our first official volunteer project together! Afterwards I might be meeting up with Amy in some fashion - we are either going to the movies or just going to grab some food and libations. There are actually a handful of movies out that we both want to see, so hopefully things work out and we get to do that tonight. I miss hanging out with her, especially since it used to be such a common occurrence, but things change and we continue to grow up and into different stages of our lives, and I am purely thankful just to have her friendship still. I have had quite a few friends who I haven't seen in a loooong time call or email me to hang out in the past few days, so I am going to try and work them into the craziness that is my schedule over the next few weeks and spend some time reconnecting and enjoying them.
But back to the weekend - we are celebrating the birth of Jeanne on Saturday night with a potluck at her house, and probably some debauchery out and about afterwards. I am making a super special treat for her - which I cannot divulge at this time (I know you're reading Jeanne - and I will still punch you in the ear if you try and make something cake-like!).
Hopefully Matty and I can make it a date night tomorrow - he mentioned checking out the East Coast Grill, which is supposed to be yummy, and is conveniently located by Bukowski's in Inman, which is somewhere that we like to go and explore beers together. Although Matty is back on days, I feel like we have both been really busy with the gym and work and haven't really been able to go out and do anything together in a while. I'm not complaining, though, because it is so, so nice to have him home at nights, and lately we have fallen into a pattern of making a yummy dinner and watching Planet Earth or a Netflix movie together on the couch. It's really, truly the simple things in life that are the best. I feel so lucky to have someone that makes me so incredibly happy just laying in our pjs together or cleaning the kitchen after dinner and talking about our day. It will be nice to get to go out though, and hopefully we'll have something to celebrate if Genzyme announces their decision about the promotion that he applied for. I really, really hope that he gets it because he deserves it and wants it so badly. Selfishly, however, I hope that he gets it and he is less stressed and unhappy about work, which has been the case lately. He has an incredible work ethic and is so passionate about what he does; another trait that makes me love him even more, and helps us understand each other and why we do what we do. Everyone keep their finger's crossed!
So, that's what's on my mind right now - being cold and trying not to let it get the best of me; getting back in shape; looking forward to fun times with my loved ones and especially with my Matty.
Oh, and I am super stoked that a movie based on Black Mass is finally getting made! I am totally going to be an extra - someway, somehow - I know people, dammit!!!
Stay warm and always wear clean long underwear - you never know who may see them!



Kate said…
Girl, you need some SmartWool socks and some insulated boots. Nice gloves would do the trick, too. I get cold quicker than anyone... and these do the trick for me!
Emily said…
Oooh smartwool! My friend was wearing them today..I totally need to invest in some of them. Thanks Kate
Good job on keeping up with the blogging lady! Can't wait to see you tonight, yay for finally working together, bout time!
Stefanie said…
SmartWool sounds divine - thanks ladies!
You guys are my favorite readers :)

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