Stupid sniffles

I am still sick and it sucks! I'm not completely bed-ridden sick, but more the annoying sick where I'm sniffly and stuffy and have an overall icky feeling throughout my body. I can move around and do things, but it takes all my energy just to do the easiest stuff, and I certainly can't do the stuff I really want to do (go to the gym, hunt down Matty's super secret anniversary present, breathe out my nose without sounding like a chainsaw). It sucks - boo! I needed to have a little pity party. On the bright side, I do have to say, I don't get sick nearly as much as I did when I was a smoker, and the sick germs do a much better job of staying above the neck, which is good when you were the kid/teenager/adult with chronic bronchitis. So here I am taking it easy, and hoping to feel even better for my special Mass at church tomorrow morning.
Tomorrow at 11:30 I will be admitted to the Order of Catechumens in my Parish, marking my progress from Catechism classes to the nearing Sacraments of baptism and confirmation. I am very excited, and maybe a bit nervous, because I will stand in the Church, in front of everyone, while Father Harkins announces my admission and welcomes me into the Church in my new role. All eyes on me! Lucky for me Matty, who is my sponsor (like an adult Godparent, not like in AA) will also be there with me and is a part of the ceremony. He will enter the Church with me and he and Father Harkins will then welcome me into this next phase with a special ceremony. It is one step closer to my baptism and confirmation, which will happen at the Easter Vigil (the night before Easter Sunday)!
I am super excited and feeling a lot of empowerment over my faith at this point. It helps that this was a decision made purely on my own, for reasons of a purely personal nature, and I have not had anyone trying to pull me into thinking or believing anything that I don't truly feel and see with my own heart. I feel saddened for those who have been pushed into religion - either by government, family or society - and I feel very lucky to live in a country where a young, liberal woman can make this decision and have the right to follow through with it. I have felt some sense of judgementalness, strangely more by my Mom than anyone else, but I know it has more to do with her own experiences and choices than it does me, and I don't take any of it to heart. This is something that I continue to be very excited about and have found a lot of peace and inspiration in my decision to follow through with. I have wanted to make this final step for a long time, and I am just thankful that I have the support that I do to make it happen. Both my Priest and Matty have been extremely patient and supportive and I am so incredibly thankful for them both. It has been another experience that helps to solidify the bond and love that Matty and I share, and I think that he has gotten quite a bit out of the experience for himself as well. I also appreciate how supportive my friends, namely Amy, Emily and Nina, have been and how excited they have been for me. The fact that Emily is getting up on a Sunday morning to go to a Roman Catholic Church shows the kind of love my bffs have for me!
Other than trying to get better and Church activities, I am taking it easy this weekend. I went to see Milk today, which was absolutely as good as the rumors, and very deserving of the awards it has been nominated for. I have also been catching up on some TiVo and reading New Moon. Matty has been at work for a million hours today, but we're going to grab dinner after our run through at Church tonight and have some hang out time that doesn't involve sleeping, which has been most of our together time lately. He's still been working long and stressful hours and I'm sickly and exhausted, so we haven't had too much face time, which makes me a little sad...but is soon to be remedied! Oh, and I got my new dart set in the mail today - they're pink! - that Matty got for me off of Ebay, so expect some serious dart throwing down at the Silhouette soon!



amy said…
Go jesus + stef! (love, amy)

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