So far, so fabulous.

2009 really is going to be a good year, not that I had my doubts, but things have been going really well and I am feeling super happy and excited about things.

This weekend was relaxing, but super fun and productive...and I barely spent a dime.

Friday I went out with people from work and had a lovely time, and actually cancelled on the ladies so I could schmooze up my boss, which I think actually worked in getting myself on her radar. It was weird to cancel a lady date for work stuff, but it made me realize that this is one of many things that are bound to change in the near future, and it is all apart of growing up. Of course everyone was totally understanding, and I was asleep with Matty at 10:30 that night, which made it easy to get up at 5:30 on Saturday morning so that I could have a nice, full day off. Definitely a sign that I am getting old, or I'm just plain crazy. I got everything done before 11am - grocery shopping, cleaning the house, and my first (of what will be many) spinning classes at my gym. I was all showered up and ready by noon when the ladies (Emily, Amy and Jeanne) came by for brunch. It was so wonderful to sit around my kitchen table and talk about our weeks and our lives, over yummy food that I cooked, of course. And Amy brought amazing cupcakes, pictured above, which went perfect with our lady talk. Again, that very satisfied adult-feeling came over me. Later I hung out with Nina and Craig - making it friend-o-rama day, which was awesome. I did all this with time to pick Matty up from work and make dinner, and again be in bed by 10:30. I "slept in" on Sunday until about 8, then went to church in the crazy snow storm. I was supposed to hang out with Amy but a combination of the snow and low funds made me cancel, so I spent the day reading, watching I'm Not There, napping, and then going to yoga class and working out at the gym. And again, dinner and in bed early - well, I did stay up late(r) to watch the Golden Globes, much to Matty's dismay due to my professional narrative on every celebrity.

So I guess I am really growing up...I even bought my first jar of eye cream this weekend - as a preventative - I swear!! The thing about it all though, is that I am totally at peace with it, and feel no pressure or guilt to be any different. This further proves that I am surrounded by an amazing support network of friends and family, and that I am finding that balance in life that I have been so desperately seeking. On top of it all, I just feel really good, which I attribute a lot to finally slowing myself down and taking care of the little things that I need that I had always blown off - things like the gym, bedtimes, eye-cream and the ability to say "no".

I have a busy week ahead of me, too. Tonight I have Catechism and am going to stop by Amy's and/or Emily's afterwards. Tomorrow I have my late shift. Wednesday I am going to check out the Shambhala Center for their open-house meditation session - further trying to hone in on my relaxation skills and be a less stressed person. Thursday I am volunteer project leading at the MSPCA. And Friday is the beginning of what should be an awesome weekend - Jeanne's birthday party on Saturday, and Matty is off work! Yay! Busy, busy but keeping my balance and continuing to remind myself to slow down and enjoy the wonderful things around me.

Coming soon: Me and Matty's Anniversary on February 1st! One year with the most amazing man in the world!

Until next time!



Kelli said…
Those cupcakes look so yummy. And I am so jealous of all the gym time you are getting. I so can't wait to go back to the gym but I have a few months until I can do that.

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