Happy Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

And what a monumental one it is. Watching TV at the gym today I couldn't help but to be filled with sense of excitement and hope as Mr. Obama gets ready to take over the office of the President. I do not envy him, whatsoever, as he has one deep, deep hole to dig this country out of, but the impact of his election has already become obvious to me. Young people were much more active in this election than any other, and the notion that we all have a voice rang true as young and old, liberal and conservative lined up for hours to put their vote in. As the Inauguration celebrations from around the country are broadcast I see a lot of the same, and I am as excited and proud as ever to be an American today.
In honor of Dr. King's dream, today is a National Day of Service, a day to unite communities and work towards a common purpose of peace and unity. I will be at the Somerville Boy's and Girl's Club hanging out with the local kids making pet toys to donate to the MSPCA. There will be a bunch of different projects for everyone to participate in, and all people of all ages are welcome to come down, pitch in and be involved.
Looking forward, Mr. Obama's presidency is going to be incredibly historic for many reasons, and this will mean different things for different people. For myself, he will be President for many firsts for me - marriage, children, 401Ks, home ownership - meaning the choices he makes and the way that he runs this country is going to mean more to me than ever. All I can do is hope and pray that he can follow through with the visions that he has for us and that he continues to unite us all under one America, and one world.
Get out there and make a difference in your neighborhood today, even Mr . Obama is pitching in!



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