Hi everyone, and happy Monday! Just kidding, I don't know why people even say that because the first day of the week, no matter what calendar day it falls on is usually pretty awful, right? Mine has not been, but I am trying not to say that out loud so nothing blows up. I spent my morning getting new tires on our car (thanks, Santa aka Mom!) and am ending it with an OB appointment to listen to this little human growing in my belly, so things are not all that bad, for a Monday. Here is a little snippet into what else has been going on in these parts:


I am thisclose to finishing The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest and foresee reading it on the car ride home tonight because I am literally in the last chapter and really need to know how this trilogy ends! This book was a little slow to start out but got really exciting in the last quarter and I am looking forward to seeing how the author wraps it all up.
When I am done I have a spooky YA book recommended by my personal librarian (hi, Kate!) and then want to read Siblings Without Rivalry which is waiting for me at the library. I spent soooo much time reading baby books in my first pregnancy but have barely touched anything this time around. I figure that I am pretty much a baby expert now, but have no idea what to do with siblings since I don't even have one! Any other books you recommend for baby number two?

Still doing a pretty good job of eating like a pregnant woman, but continuing to be conscious about the quality of food I eat, just as I do when I am not pregnant. The good thing about continuing to run and be so active is that I have only gained about 6 pounds at almost 17 weeks, though I have not been running as much and am definitely feeling the little 4 miler and yoga class I went to last night. I have been reading all these articles about elite runners and their experiences pregnant and though I am not even close to the type of athlete these women are, it has been super motivating to help me want to keep my miles up.

Thinking About
Money management, or rather, having more money to manage. I do a pretty good job about managing what comes in and what goes out, but we seem to be at a point where we need more coming in. This is definitely something I know a million other people are dealing with in much more significant ways than us, but this is my blog and my experience so I thought I would share. Hopefully I can come back here and share that we have solved that problem soon :)
On a less glum note, I am also thinking about Halloween and how awesome it is this year! Maddie is so into it and we have a good amount of events for her to wear her adorable doughnut costume too!

I am in a seriously boring pattern where I pretty much only listen to the Pandora "Rolling Stones Radio" on my T commute into work and then NPR whenever I can steal the radio waves away from a certain tiny dictator on the car ride home. If I am at my desk and plugging away at work I will throw on my usual Miles Davis mix, but I have been really bad about actually listening to music lately. I just found out that Sleater-Kinney expanded their tour to include Boston, so I think I am definitely going to have to go to that, which makes me want to bust out all my riot grrl music and have a listening party. I think Maddie would love Bratmobile :)

I just finished up the entire Six Feet Under series and  have been devoting the rest of the 45 minutes between Maddie going to bed and me falling asleep on the couch to The Sopranos. Matty and I started watching this when I was sent home from the hospital to wait it out while in labor with Maddie, but my water broke not even halfway into the first episode and we never started up again. Now we are well into the second season and I am feeling pretty good about seeing the season finale before baby number two heads to kindergarten.

All these kicks, flips and flutters going on in my belly today! Last night in yoga class I felt the baby moving stronger than I have felt yet (future yogi, perhaps?!) and it has not let up since. I can't wait for Matty and Maddie to be able to feel the little kicks going on, though I am thinking that only one of them will not be totally freaked out by it. I am trying to include Maddie in everything that has to do with her baby sibling, including taking her to my doctor's appointments and our upcoming sonogram (one week until the gender reveal!), so I hope that she can get excited by the little kung fu artist Mama seems to be growing!

PS. Here are some Halloween pics from our weekend, with more to come over the week/weekend for sure!

In a sea of Elsas, there was Maddie! 

She has insisted on saying good night and good morning to her pumpkin every day since this picture.

I swear she asked us to wrap her up like a mummy, That is a smile under there!


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