Whatcha Got Cookin'? Fall Edition

This morning as I was overloading my poor husband with tasks to do before he could get out the door and go to work, the door was left open and the strangest thing happened: it was cold! Like, real fall brisk cold, to the point where I had to think about layering up for myself and the kiddo. This excites me to no end because, like most people in New England, I love the fall (until it turns into winter, but that is another story) and with that comes my love of fall food.

The slow cooker has been out and at work for a few weeks now but I am also looking forward to making up some soup, which is the easiest thing to freeze and bring to work during the week. I am also the queen of throwing a bunch of leftover veggies, some beans and some tomatoes into the slow cooker for random weeknight chili dinners. Top it with hot sauce and cheese and I can call it whatever I want!

I thought I would share some of my favorite cooler-weather recipes, including some slow cooker gems. Feel free to share your own, too! I am always looking for new food to put in this prego belly of mine :)

  • This soup recipe from Food 52 is delicious, simple, cheap and makes SO MUCH soup (also, vegan).
  • I made this chicken hominy soup and it was actually really easy. I recommend using this recipe to make your own shredded chicken, which I am now always going to keep in the freezer. 
  • This slow cooker curried lentil recipe is so good, and you can use chicken breasts if you don't have thighs available (or leave out completely to make veggie friendly). I like to use greek yogurt to garnish for a little extra tartness. 
  • Thug Kitchen has this awesome chili recipe, which is the only time I make chili outside of the slow cooker. I don't even know what hominy is but I love it. Also, cannot wait for their cookbook to come out (hint, hint, Santa).
As you can tell, Real Simple is my go-to easy recipe finder for slow cooking, but I also love this blog and Food 52 and their abundance of soup recipes. 

Happy fall cooking (and eating!!).


Anonymous said…
These are the ones I love
corn chowder

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