Our Open House

This past weekend we hosted a little "open house" to show off our new home and have an excuse to get our friends over and stuff them with food. The open house idea was awesome because people stopped in when they could and didn't feel obligated to be there at a certain time or stick around if they had other stuff to do; it also meant people were in and out all day and night, which was kind of great. 

We have so many wonderful friends and getting to spend a little time with everyone and show them our home was so great. I am starting to realize that we have a lot of littles in our circle too because there was a constant flow of them too! Maddie had a blast showing her friends her room and doing "art crafts" with them.

People brought over so much delicious food, lovely presents and sweet gifts for Maddie and we could not be more thankful! Our home feels so warmed and I already can't wait to host another get-together!

Here are a few pictures from the party and the aftermath. I totally left my phone alone when everyone was over and missed out on some photo-ops, but it was nice to just be face-to-face with everyone instead :) Thanks for coming and if you could not make it, come over soon!

My little helper, aka, the one who takes a bite out of everything when I turn around. 

These were so cute and the littles (and their parents) seemed to like them!

I was really excited about my crudite trays. 

Next morning breakfast with her new (to her) kitchen set.

Sunday was a day of rest, for everyone!


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