Happy Friday!

THIS KID. My heart can't even take her some days.

Hooray, we made it! This was not a short week for me, so I am a little extra excited over the impeding weekend since it seems like everyone else got to avoid their Monday this week. It was a good, productive week at work and at home and I am looking forward to some time to unwind from it all with my little family. 

I am incredibly thrilled that we will finally be getting our washer and dryer situation taken care of this weekend. I know, life is full of exciting things for the O'Sheas right now and this ability to do laundry at home may just put me over the edge. New baby? New house? LAUNDRY?! 
No but really, we have not been able to use our washer and dryer since we moved and had planned on getting someone to wire/plumb our basement to be able to use the machines we already had instead of buying a stacked unit for our small area inside the house, but decided to take the plunge and get the stackables, It would likely cost about the same to install things in the basement and I think that being able to do laundry in the house without having to take my eyes off of/carry/corral an infant and a toddler in a few months will be worth the extra it might cost to get the stacked unit. We are still going to have to schlep the bigger stuff out, but the ability to wash our clothes more than once a week at my AILs house (or the dreaded laundromat) is making me feel so much less stressed out. Runners and toddlers make for a lot of dirty laundry, y'all.

Aside from that gem of excitement, we have some fun stuff planned for tomorrow too. Our dear friend who is an amazing photographer is going to come over to take family portraits, which we have not had done since Christmas of 2012! I am looking forward to seeing how she captures this exciting time in our lives; between the new home, the bump and that adorable little human we have a lot to showcase! I am sure we will get some awesome shots to add to our gallery wall and perhaps a holiday card photo!

Tomorrow evening we are going to head to the Roger Williams Zoo in Rhode Island for their annual Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular. I have been wanting to go for a few years and since Maddie is really into the spirit of Halloween this year, I think it is the perfect time. The weather is being very typical New England right now and going from cold to way too warm for October, which has been making me and my desire to wear all the fall things a little grumpy, but I am happy for a warmer night to go out and peep the pumpkins. I will definitely be posting pictures here!

I am trying to reserve Sunday for church, cooking delicious fall food and some work around the house. I want to get our bedroom taped off and ready for the shade of paint that Matty picked out of my swatch and then get going on the striped wall idea I have for Maddie's room. Has anyone ever tried the stripes in two colors? I am sure it looks waaaay easier than it is, but I love how it looks and I think it will go great if we end up moving baby number two in there with her down the line and we need some division of room sides. 

So that is the plan for our weekend - how about you?


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