1/12 of 26.2

Yesterday was my one month wedding anniversary! I'm not really going to be one of those crazy people, but it is pretty crazy that it has only/already been a month.

Matty and I have both been pretty busy since we have been home; I am back to trying to save the world and throwing lots of parties (which are sometimes related) and he is off training for the Boston Marathon (!!!). I am super proud of him and excited to be his fund raising manager. I plan on throwing at least two epic fund raiser parties and am going to utilize the crap out of social networking sites to try and bring in the bucks. His goal is $2,000 and I hope to surpass that, especially since it is going to help fight rare diseases and he is able to run because of Genzyme's support of the National Organization for Rare Disorders. He is going to kick so much ass and I am super excited to be the crazy lady with the shirt and the sign and the beer breath at the finish line to hug him (even if his nipples are bloody, which I am praying does not happen, at least for my sake). Stay tuned for lots of info on how to support him and his team as they prepare for April! My poor husband will be running through the snow while I sit at home and plan menus for his fund raisers...seems fair, no?

Matty is inspiring me to get back to the gym and actually stick with it. I am not going to attempt to run again, which was one of the saddest attempts at athletics I have made since basketball in middle school, but I would like to get back into my weekly spin class/yoga/pilates/5ks on the elliptical routine that I was in pre-wedding. This has been an awesome month of eating and drinking and snuggling at home with my husband, but I seriously feel like crap. Not working out has a very real impact on both my mental and my physical health and right now I am feeling super fatigued, sore and all over yucky. I am excited to get back into a routine and to support Matty by not waving good bye to him as he goes out to train from the couch. I went to the gym tonight and read my book on the elliptical and felt so much better when I got home tonight. I just have to make the time for it, even if it is in short spurts, it makes me feel so much better.

Other cool things that are going on include me being put in charge of all of the social networking at Community Work Services (Twitter and Facebook) and I get to do the photography at all of our upcoming events. It is an exciting way for me to carve my niche at my new job, and it gives me the opportunity to do things that I love while I work, and not get in trouble for it. No more hiding the browser at my desk!
I am also doing this awesome Community Dialogue that I want to devote a blog to soon, planning me and Matty's trip to Ireland for our birthdays in May, and working on our awesome Halloween costumes.
Matty is letting me catch up on the Spin Crowd because we ran out of things to watch on our DVR that aren't 90210 or on E! so I am going to take advantage of this.



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