I have been married almost one month. Today we are throwing our first post-wedding party at our house, it is our annual Oktoberfest where Matty makes sauerbraten and we make tons of brats and schnitzles and everyone brings beer and we all get very drunk. It should be epic, especially since this year I have an awesome beer wench costume and my new work friends are coming (well, most of them) and I am totally in love with them and excited to have them meet my wonderful husband and some of our friends.
I really, really love the fall. It is so beautiful here in New England and it is so exciting to wear sweaters and scarves after a summer of sweating. We were supposed to go and visit Amy in Northampton tomorrow to go apple picking, but we are attempting to be really financially responsible and pay off debt and build our credit scores in anticipation of being able to get a home loan, so unfortunately we had to put it off. I really miss Amy so I am sad, but it will be a nice day of Matty watching football and me trying to finish my book so I can move on to the five others I have waiting next to our bed.
I put our new duvet cover on our bed today, we bought it with a gift card we received for our wedding, and now our bed looks very pretty and adult-like. It is orange and white and has brown bird silhouettes; I am totally obsessed with birds right now - on clothes, on housewares, jewelry - which is funny because I actually like birds the least of any other animal. I really like the sparrows and owls that have been popping up on everything, but I would never want to own an actual bird, except for chickens which I really want for eggs and wings someday. When we have babies I am totally going to do the nursery in all those cute owls that look like they are from the 70's. It's very gender neutral and so fun!
I attended the first of the four nights that I am spending doing a community dialogue on race relations in Boston this Thursday, and it was super amazing. There were 15 incredibly smart, respectful and very different women in one room talking about something that we all feel strongly about and wish to create a solution for. We spent the first night talking a lot about our experience and identity and I realized that I have never really felt that I identify fully as "white". I know that I am white, and I know that my life is easier because of that, but because of my childhood growing up around no white people and then all white people, I have always felt more comfortable in a diverse crowd than one of white homogeneity. I have been thinking a lot about this in relation to where we are going to live after this year, since we are definitely leaving Allston and moving somewhere in the city that we can raise children. I am really drawn to Dorchester, with its huge mix of people, access to different areas, and the number of families, but I think it will take some convincing with Matty. He has already lived there and is not convinced that it is an entirely safe enough neighborhood, but we are going to look into some areas and hopefully we can find an area that we are both thrilled about. We shall see. My husband is smart and rational so I know that we will end up somewhere that is good for us.
I think I am going to sneak in a very quick nap before I get ready for our party tonight now.
But first, a list.
Places I really want to visit in the next few years:
  • Ireland (going in May!)
  • the Caribbean
  • the coast of France
  • London, England
  • Hong Kong
  • Belgium
Where do you want to go?


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