Anyone that knows me, knows that I love making lists.
At work I have an entire notepad that has all my different to-do lists: case notes to enter, reports to write, people to call, upcoming events to register for, even a daily random to-do list. It keeps me super organized, and is probably why I am spending my last 42 minutes at work writing a blog and eating half of a doughnut instead of doing actual work. It's not that I don't have work to do, it's just that the work I need to do is conveniently outlined in my to-do list pad for tomorrow. I have crossed enough things off of it today.
I have just started to learn about this whole "bucket list" concept. When you google the term, all sorts of things show up. Links about the movie (which I have not seen), sites on how to make your own bucket lists, and even on-line trackers so you can complete your own bucket list in the appropriate amount of time, before you too kick the bucket (how they can track your demise, I do not know).
I think that I probably invented the bucket list, and I am pretty sure someone owes me some money for it, but I will let that slide. When I was a pre-teen (11? or 12?) I made a list (well, a will type of list) that listed all of my earthly belongings and who they would go to. My Mom made out like a bandit, she got my tv and all of my Disney movies, my Aunt Barbara got all of my stuffed animals, and my three best friends were rationed out the extensive Barbie collection I had, the prettiest ones going to the favorite, and on down the line of favoritism. Sometime during my years in college my Grandfather found the list hidden in their grandfather clock when they were taking it in for service and mailed it to me. It was definitely hilarious, but it also spoke to the facts #1. I was a strange child and obviously had no siblings and #2 nothing changes.
Fast forward some college and grad school and thousands of miles and I was engaged to my now-husband. Before we got married I asked him to write down a list of all the things he wanted to do before we had children, and I did the same. It was kind of like a "what other shit do I want to get away with before I can't get away with it anymore" bucket list. It was an awesome insight into this man I was about to marry, and it said a lot about how close we really were to being ready for that phase in our life. We still have a couple things to check off, so no this is not a bun in the oven announcement, sorry Mom.
I really like this idea of lists, and I want to find a way to incorporate them into my blog somehow. Inside this busy head of mine I have dozens of lists. I have a list of places I want to travel, places in Boston I want to eat, people I hope get wrinkles before they are 40, and so on. I like lists. I think that they make life much more organized and help define goals, but I also think they are great ways to keep track of all of the things you have done and the places that you have been, of the bands that you have seen and the beers that you will never drink again, which is why I want to make them a little more permanent than floating around in my head.
I am not a tech geek so I will have to see what I can do on my blog permanently, but maybe I will also start posting random blogs of lists, for anyone that cares to see what I want to do or what I have done, or maybe compare lists and tell me about your experiences?
I hear that Urban now makes a book on lists: I think that this is further proof that all of my awesome ideas and fashion choices when I was a kid (hell-o leggings and slap bracelets) were just too awesome to handle back then, and are now being produced for the masses.
To get on a roll, here is a random list:
Places I still want to see in the U.S.
  • Washington DC
  • Baltimore, Maryland
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Austin, Texas
  • Memphis, Tennessee
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  • Niagara Fall, New York
There you have it. Another list. Glad I could be of service world.
Good luck with your own lists! I would love to see what you have!



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