Sick day(s)

I hate being sick. I know that no one likes being sick, but being sick is like the antithesis of me. So far I have missed work, a community dialogues session, a second day of work, the gym and now I am going to miss a Civic Leadership Institute reunion and a drink with Nina. I am glad that I have finally learned to stay home and focus on getting better when I am sick, which is something I have learned only in the past few years and has a lot to do with Matty making me do so and having a job where I can actually call in sick. I haven't missed two days in a long time, but it is probably not because this is the first time I have needed to but is the first time that I can do so.
Aside from missing out on my responsibilities, I just hate the lack of productivity that I feel when I am laying on the couch feeling sorry for myself. My house could definitely use a mini-cleaning. There are some errands that need to be run. But here I am laying on the couch, watching the 20th hour of the Today show and snuggling with the cat. I hope that I feel well enough to at least putter around a bit this afternoon and be presentable to get dinner with Matty tonight (though I may request pho or something equally sicky-helping).
Since I spent all of yesterday cleaning out the DVR of the Kardashians and 90210 I think today I will catch up on Real Simple magazines and my Halloween issue of Martha Stewart (my favorite only second to the Christmas issue) and put some recipes on my to-do list for when I am all better. Martha has provided me with three drink recipes I cannot wait to try: ginger sidecar, apricot-cayenne fizz and spiced brandy wine; I think the fizz would help what ails me, right?
My main motivation to get better is the weekend - Matty and I are volunteering at the Food Bank tomorrow morning and then we are having dinner with Amy and Kendra, and there is no way I am going to miss seeing Amy. I haven't seen her since our wedding, even though I talk to her everyday (thank God for gchat) and I am missing her like crazy and am excited to get to catch up with her. Then on Sunday my friend Kristyn from Suffolk and I are going to visit our other Suffolk friend who had a little baby girl a couple of months ago. Matty and I also have to finish getting our Halloween costumes together. Alright sick bug - go away!
I am going to go put a bigger dent in the gallon of orange juice Matty got me and make some tomato soup now. Hope you all have a lovely weekend! Send healthy thoughts my way!


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