A Day in the Life

I recently blogged about how crazy of a month I have been having and how I am looking forward to getting back to routine, but one look at my iCal will tell you that my life is anything but routine. In fact, some days are so bananas that I can't help but laugh...well, when I get a second to take a breath and think about it. I am by no means complaining; I love being busy and feel incredibly lucky that my life is so rich with activity, but sometimes I wonder when I am going to collapse into a heap (note: that is what our next beach vacation is for).

I thought I would start a new series, for your entertainment, where I share a day in the life of me, and what better way to start than today, which was exceptionally holy crap where is my third wind inducing!


4:00am: Alarm clock goes off and scares the bejeezus out of me after a couple of weeks with 5am being my earliest wake up.

4:00-4:44am: Hit snooze too many times, wonder why my late night at yoga and early morning run have to occur together, wonder if my post-marathon legs are going to work when I get up, snuggle with exceptionally warm and snuggly husband.

4:44am: Jump out of bed (legs work!), grab running clothes I cleverly left out before I went to yoga last night, change into said clothes while pouring coffee and trying not to wake the kiddo, hear Maddie say in her sleep "I don't wanna!" and feel every bit of that as I lace up my running shoes, guzzle coffee and run for the door

5:14am: Pull into the parking lot at Father Bill's homeless shelter with a minute to spare!

5:15am-6:00am: Circle up and then track workout with my Back on My Feet team, including a lot of catch up (jobs! housing!) with my team since I have been gone for three weeks, feel leg cramp during a conversation with a res-runner about his new job but decide that keeping moving and listening is far more important than anything (wise decision, cramp is gone and team member had great news to share)

6:15am-8:00am: Morning snuggles with Maddie while I do my core workout, run around the house and pretend to be pancake-eating dinosaurs together, make lunch for the hubs who has an early meeting he has to run out the door for, dance party to the Curious George theme song, get showered and dressed, attempt to dress the kiddo who ends up taking off her shorts and running around the house in her diaper, make eggs after deciding that it is going to be a two breakfast sort of day, make kale smoothie and attempt to keep Maddie from drinking it all, vacuum and do the dishes with my little helper, put on make-up and have moment of panic when Maddie gets into red lipstick, then more snuggles with Maddie since we are going to have a sitter tonight

8:00am-10:10: Our wonderful nanny tags me out and I run out the door with Maddie climbing up her leg instead of mine, take the (SLOW) train to a meeting on Newbury Street (a historic old church is always an okay way to start the day), miraculously have enough time to grab a coffee from Starbucks before catching the train to my office where I answer emails and check on that whole Solange/Jay-Z situation on social media

10:10am: Get into office and attempt to bang out some of my to-do list before an early lunch date, get email from my boss that makes me nearly spit out my miraculously procured Starbucks

11:15: Lunch date with good friend who is about to finish grad school (I was there when she got the acceptance! so exciting!), make the most of 45 minutes and do the ultimate catch up (which we are so good at at this point in our lives) inhale salad in order to not fall asleep in 12:00 conference call

12:00-4:30pm: Meetings, work on projects, more meetings, draft to-do lists for next week

4:30-6:15pm: Our nanny picks me up from the office, I drop her at the train, Maddie and I go get Dada, order a pizza for the sitters (aka Godmama and Uncle V) while on the road, get stuck in horrendous traffic and accidentally teach Maddie to say "I am freaking out right now", get home and frantically get dressed and remade as to look somewhat fancy and together while Matty gets the pizza, kiss everyone goodbye and run to the car eating a folded piece of pizza while trying not to get grease all over my clothes

6:45-9:00pm: Attend fundraiser as a special guest and get to surprise a former client by showing up on stage while he talks about how much my help meant to him once upon a time, meet former Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis (again) and some other important people who I plan on schmoozing up down the line, eat delicious desserts, catch up with my old client and make plans to visit the organization he is managing and get lunch together, hit the open bar, eat some more desserts and fly home to catch the end of the (disappointing) Bruins game, but not without noticing the beautiful moon reflecting on the bay on the drive home (since Matty pointed it out a few times to actually get me to stop texting and look)

Rest of the night: sadly watch the rest of the Bruins game with our wonderful friends who took care of Maddie, scrub off make-up, get tomorrow morning's plans hashed out, pass out in bed around 10:30 in a tired heap

Needless to say, I slept in a little bit this morning before getting some time alone with coffee and my iPad to write this blog (gotta love a tuckered out kiddo!).

Not all days are this nuts, but this is more typical than anything else and I wouldn't change it for the world!


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