Well hello! I feel like I just climbed the Mount Everest of life and am looking at the world through new eyes, so I thought I should start off by playing catch up on this dear old blog of mine.

Last time I checked in I was at the tail end of vacation and having a pretty lovely time, which was how it all wrapped up. We flew home on my birthday, me wearing my brand new Lululemon running capris from my dear husband (who has quite a story about that adventure on his blog), and got settled back into East Coast mode, only to have me turn around and go to San Diego a few days later while Matty took on full Maddie duties with our nanny on a trip as well. Then I came home and ran a marathon. But let's keep things in order.

In the few days before I left again, I had an awesome birthday party with my best friends, an AMAZING dinner at Craigie on Main with my main squeeze, and we visited the MFA to see one of their exhibits that was ending. I used to have a bad habit of really wanting to see an exhibit and then not scheduling it in before it was gone, but thanks to the free museum weekends from our bank, I tend to make it happen now, which I am thankful for. Bringing a toddler to the MFA is a bit of a nerve-frazzling task, but those free days tend to be extra busy and loud so she blends in, a little, and if we have to leave early before our heads explode we don't have to be bummed out about throwing away any admission money. Genius!
But let me back up to the dinner at Craigie: it was likely the best dinner either of us had ever had - the menu, the drinks, the presentation, the service - it was all so fantastic and such a treat for the two of us to get to sit and enjoy each other and the food like that.
We got a non-family or friend sitter for the first time ever (not a stranger, but a colleague of one of the besties, so not totally scary) so I got to have ALL of my people out with me for drinks after dinner, which was so exciting! I sure do love my core group of friends more than anything and turning another year older knowing that they have my back made for a pretty darn special time. Thanks again, guys! And we have a new sitter that Maddie loved, so we can do it again soon!

After three days at home it was off to San Diego for a productive and super enjoyable business trip; if only everyone got to work for people that they love, doing the work that they love this world would be a happier place, I tell you. I feel really lucky that I am living that, and I got to meet a lot of people who are in the same boat. It was also a pretty great perk that this trip was in San Diego, which meant I got to spend my taper week running along the Embarcadero surrounded by the sights that served as my home when I was little. Being in San Diego always brings back wonderful memories of my Dad, who passed away when I was five and who I tend to think about a lot this time of year (his birthday was just a few days before mine). I ran right by the bay where his boat was docked and took a minute to think about him and how proud I hope he would be of me, standing there with so much good stuff in my life that I worked so hard to attain. I miss him like crazy and always wonder how my life would have turned out had he gotten a chance to be here for it, but I am thankful for the memories and the feeling I get when I am in San Diego and can feel so close to him.

I flew home Thursday night, went to work on Friday, and then turned around and went to Maine on Saturday to run the Maine Coast Marathon on Mother's Day. I have already started a blog about the experience of running my second marathon, but I will say it was beautiful, hard as hell and made that buttered lobster roll and beer afterwards pretty much the best thing I have ever put in my mouth.

And now.

Now I feel like I can exhale! There was SO much going on in life and the marathon was the culmination point - all the training I did in the winter, all the being extra careful not to overindulge or under-hydrate while travelling, all of the months of having a million things in my iCal right up to the very second where my feet had to hit the ground Sunday. Had I allowed it to, it could have driven me to a breakdown, but I took each piece of life as it came and tried not to get overwhelmed with any unknowns of the future. I did what I needed to do each day and met all of my commitments (including spending as much time as possible with my sweet little girl who I swear aged 3 years while I was in San Diego) and everything turned out golden.

Lesson learned: when life is completely and utterly insane, ride that wave with your favorite inner tube and a (virgin) pina colada and it will be all good. Namaste :)

I am excited to be home, to be back on track with my to-do list at work and at home and to be working on lots of new goals and ideas that have been coming at me like crazy these last few weeks. I am looking forward to sharing lots here with you, including about a million pictures right now.

Thanks for following along and staying tuned!

These two make my heart swoon, and that view!


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